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Future of sight (pre-intermeidate + ) начинающим тоже рекомендуется посмотреть для повышения мотивации)

Watch the video below. I recommend you watch it full screen, carefully reading the pop out notes that appear during the film.

Sight from Robot Genius on Vimeo.

Before watching consider the following phrases: 

  • -Oh, gee?!= Как бы не так! Ты уверен? Ага, как же! 
  • -to go on a date=идти на свидание
  • -It is bullshit=это все фигня
  • - a patch=a small set of instructions to correct or improve a computer program
  • - an app=an application =компьютерное приложение, программа  --> a dating app =приложение, помогающее при свидании
  • -to work up smth= разрабатывать, придавать законченный вид
  • - a junkie=наркоман
  • - a creep=несносный, отвратительный тип, подонок

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Watch it over again, prepare answers to the questions:

  1. What, do you think, the video is going to be about?
  2. How does Patrick start his morning?
  3. What makes his exercises exciting and saves him from routine work outs?
  4. How much does he score to achieve level 3?
  5. What information does the application provide on the contents of the fridge?
  6. How can we learn to cook with the help of the sight app? Explain on Patrick’s example. Use: to cut accurately-точно, along a dotted line –по пунктирной линии, to score… points in accuracy-набирать …баллов за точность, to miss the mark-промахиваться
  7. What kind of TV does he watch?
  8. What reminder does he get? Answer, using: to remind smb about a date =напомнить кому-то о свидании
  9. How does he choose his attire? What garments does he finally put on?
  10. How does he spend time waiting for his date? Answer, using: constellations=созвездия
  11. What does he explain about his sports jacket to the girl and why does he linger at the beginning of the explanation?
  12. How does the software assign the high level of difficulty to this dating? Answer, using: to measure smb’s heartbeat.
  13. What forecast does Daphne make about the outcome of the date?
  14. How is she going to save the date in his memory? Under what tag?
  15. What makes him even more pessimistic about the success of the meeting? Answer, using: vegetarian, anxiety,
  16. How does the app help him out?
  17. Does the girl manage to impress him with her marathon running achievements? Why? Answer, using: unlike her, he has hit level… in this marathon.
  18. What should a guy do to win a girl over, according to the software’s prompts to Patrick?
  19. What happened to Daphna when she was jogging? Answer, using: to crash
  20. Did he believe her? How did he check the veracity of her story? Answer, using: to run the app's patch
  21. How does he increase his credit? Answer, using: to work up the last patch
  22. What has she heard about his company in the news? Answer, using: to manipulate
  23. What does the application instruct him to do when the girl raised the issue of people’s sight manipulation? Answer, using: suggest him changing the subject of the conversation.
  24. What was the program’s final prompt when Daphna displayed sufficient drunkenness and fancy for him? Answer, using: going with the flow and wrap it up.
  25. What did he suggest her?
  26. When she comes to his place what does she make of it?
  27. Why does she become indignant? Answer, using: a dating app, that allows ..ing through the function of ..
  28. How does she call him?
  29. What does she hurry to go away? Answer, using: to realize, to manipulate, to win her heart over by…
  30. Does she manage to escape? Why? Answer, using: to access smb’s profile, to wipe smb's short-term memory.
  31. According to the video, who will rule the world in the future?
  32. How will people benefit from such a technology?
  33. What harm can such software do to humans?

How will human interaction change with the advent of interactive software in contact lenses?

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