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An ESL lesson on bullfighting. Pre-intermediate+

Sep I. Watch the videos below and prepare a little talk on them using some active words provided.

(Attention! These videos have disturbing content. If you can’t watch graphic videos, skip this task!)


Watch the clips with subtitles on and tell me what the matador is to [должен] do to the bull, what runners do, and what the bull can do to the matador or the runner in the annual festival of the Bulls’ running in Spain. Also tell me what you saw in the videos. Send in your expression for a check before the class.

Use: to perform dangerous stunts =выполнять опасные трюки,

to leap[lept] over abull =прыгать высоко над быком, 

to stab smb with smth= пронзить кого-то чем-то,

to gore smb= насадить на рога,

to throw up into the air,

horns= рога, hoofs= копыта, spears= копья, a throat= горло,

artful killing = искусное убийство,

to see smb V1=видеть, как кто-то сделал-что-то [I saw the bull spring at the rag=Я видел, как бык прыгнул на тряпку],

to sweat it out =длительно терпеть напряжение,

to toss like a ragged doll =подбросить как тряпичную куклу.

What is the message of the second video? Do you support it?Why? 

Step II. Listen to the story below


 and do the following test:

Step III.

Now read the whole text below and do the comprehension test  under it.

Step IV.

Write 5 questions on the test to ask your group-mates. The chart below will help you construct questions. 

Step VI.

Prepare a retelling [пересказ] of the text about Christina. Make sure you pronounce everything right. For this purpose, listen to the text in Step II attentively and mark stress [отметьте ударение] in all words and transcription in those one you are not sure of.

Step VII. 

1. Write the following dialogue:

Christina's father is talking to a bullfighting trainer about the possibility of his daugter's training in their school. The father tells the trainer about risks of this job and his desire to prevent his daughter from going in for bullfighting. The trainer tells him about entrance exams. The trainer doesn't believe that Christina will be able to pass the entrance exams, because she is a girl and girls are not so strong as boys. So he puts Christina's father at ease (успокаивает) promising to him that she will not enter the school. 

2. Write the following polylogue:

Christina’s father is the first to enter the bullfighting school’s principal’s office. He asks the principal to prevent his daughter Christina from enrolling in his school and explains why he wants that. Later comes Christina and, seeing her father, accuses him of keeping her from entering the school and becoming a matador.  


- Signor, can I have a word with you about...? =Синьор, можно мне с Вами переговорить по поводу...

- I don't want her to V1=Я не хочу, чтобы она [что-то делала]

-to end up in a wheel chair =Закончить в инвалидном кресле

-stubborn= упрямый

-to be afraid for smb= бояться за кого-либо

-to give in= уступать

- She won’t give in =Она никак не уступает

-There is no use talking her out of it = Бесполезно отговаривать ее от этого.

- to fail smb in entrance exams =завалить кого-то на вступительных

-Chill out! = Успокойтесь! /Расслабьтесь

-She is unlikely to V1= Она вряд ли (что-то сделает)

-tough [taf] =жесткий, суровый

- to say nothing of.. = не говоря уже о...

-to get injured= получить ранение

-to get gored= быть проткнутым рогами

-Thank you for your time.

- Not at all.

- Here you are! =Вот ты где!

- to collude against =вступать в сговор против кого-то

-won’t let you V1=Я не позволю тебе …

-to have a legal right to V1

- You won’t stop me

- I promise

- to give smb 40000 euro to pay the fees

- What the hell? =Что за черт?

-Are you kidding? = Ты шутишь?

- Are you nuts? =Ты с ума сошла?

Moreover, …=более того,…

- to pay back =выплатить деньги обратно, окупиться

-to become reach and famous overnight

Step VIII.  Watch the video below, before watching learn these new words:

under threat" type="text" />

Russian English 

Practice the active words by entering the English translation in the gaps

запретить /td> Click to see to
быть глубоко укорененным в Испании Click to see to beSpain
противоречивый Click to see
под угрозой Click to see
быть против, противиться, быть в оппозиции к Click to see to
призывать к Click to see to
борцы за защиту прав животных Click to see the first place [3формы глагола через дефис]
жестокость Click to see to get some
выставлять открыто как зрелище Click to see to
достоинство общества Click to see the
одна из форм выражения национальной культуры Click to see a of the national culture
подчеркивать важность свободы выбора Click to see to get
слишком кровавый для психики Click to see too for
в защиту / в пользу Click to see
продолжить традицию Click to see to a tradition
бороться за / защищать Click to see to
варварство Click to see an
триумф Click to see
жизненно необходимо сохранить Click to see
не имеющий оправдания Click to see
Reload the page to do the test again  ;



Write the letter of the right answer into the gaps under ach question:

  1. The petition taken to the parliament of Catalonia calls for
  1. keeping bullfighting as a national tradition
  2. increasing tax on bullfighters
  3. outlawing corrida

  1. Catalonia is the first Spanish province to ban bullfighting
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Nit stated

  1. One of the debates is also about:
  1. Whether bullfighting is a burden for the taxpayer or not
  2. Whether children should be allowed to watch it
  3. Whether to regard leading matadors as celebrities or not

  1. Who will have the final say on the ban of corrida?
  1. Spanish people
  2. The Spanish government
  3. Animal rights activists


Step IX. Essay to write:

Some people think that corrida should be banned. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Give grounds for your ideas.

Check out my guidlines on essay writing   Check out lists of possible linking phrases 


  • Psychologically traumatic
  • Gratuitous slaughter of innocent animals=не имеющее оправдания жестокое убийство невинных животных
  • To date back to Roman times=относится ко времен римлян
  • To be deeply rooted in Spanish history=быть глубоко укорененным в испанской истории
  • To be an integral part of Spanish culture=быть неотъемлемой частью испанской культуры
  • To raise violence levels =повышать уровень агрессии
  • To run counter to the values of modern jural society = идти вразрез с ценностями современного правового общества
  • To protect the country’s cultural heritage= защищать культурное наследие страны
  • To bring income to the national budget =приносить доход в национальный бюджет
  • National identity =национальная идентичность
  • To lead to / to result in social unrest =привести к волнениям в обществе