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I. Before watching the film, learn these words:

  1. to poke = 1. to quickly push your fingers or another object into somebody/something 2. to make love with smb
  2. to devide smth by smth =поделить что-то на что-то [math]
  3. to fancy smb = 1. to like someone in a sexual way, to want to be with them, want to go out with them 2. to fancy +Ving =to want to do smth [British English]
  4. Live [laiv] Aid [eid] = two very large pop concerts held at the same time in London, and Philadelphia, US, in 1985. The aim of the concerts was to encourage people to give money to help people dying of hunger in Africa and £150 million was given. The concerts were organized by Bob Geldof. Live 8, a second series of concerts, took place in 2005.
  5. 'good lad' = 'good boy' in British English
  6. Bet he gets it wrong =I am almost sure that he will not do the task correctly
  7. "Maybe we'll have a little less out of Seth for a while.": "Out of Seth [хулиганство Сета]" =the disruptive or unruly behavior exhibited by the student named Seth.+ "Maybe we'll have a little less [меньше]" = the teacher hopes that Seth will be quieter or better behaved for some time in the future.
  8. to get 3 goals =забить три гола
  9. snot=козявка [из носа]
  10. Let it go! = Отпусти!
  11. to pull smb's finger = to pull smb by their finger = потянуть кого-то за палец
  12.  Go on! Punch him! =Ну давай! Ударь его!
  13. You're just great lads.= Ну вы молодцы [in a negative meaning]
  14.  Don't you dare talk to me like that. = Не смей говорить со мной так!

II. Watch the video with subtitles on and try to understand it

III. Prepare answers to the questions so as to use the words in [brackets]:

  1. How did Seth address Joseph?
  2. What was Joseph's background? [...had been through much]
  3. How did the kids pick on the new boy? How did they make fun of the teacher?
  4. Did the teacher try to stop Christian from bothering Joseph?
  5. How did Christian try to put Joseph down? What did he mean addressing him Live Aid?[ inferior to...]
  6. How did Joseph defend himself?
  7. What was the teacher's reaction? Did she treat both the boys equally?
  8. Is there a strict violence policy in this school do you think?
  9. How does the teacher handle the class? How would you behave in the teacher's place?
  10. Why did the teacher put Joseph, Seth and Christian back against the wall? [to be on the verge of a fight]
  11. Did she scold any of them?
  12. What made the boys become friends finally? Who joined in the mocking of the teacher? Whose side did Joseph take? What do you make of him?
  13. What was the general vibe/atmosphere in the class? How did the kids behave? [ rowdies=people who make a lot of noise or are likely to cause trouble]


  • Defiant: This term directly describes their resistance to authority or rules.
  • Disruptive: It reflects their behavior that disturbs the classroom environment.
  • Rebellious: This suggests a tendency to challenge or defy authority.
  • Disrespectful: It highlights their lack of respect for the teacher or authority figures.
  • Challenging: This indicates their tendency to challenge the teacher's authority or instructions.

Less formal words:

  • Sassy: This term suggests a cheeky or disrespectful attitude.
  • Mouthy: It describes someone who talks back or is verbally disrespectful.
  • Smart-alecky: This adjective indicates a tendency to be sarcastic or cheeky.
  • Cheeky: It conveys impertinent or disrespectful behavior.
  • Brash: This term implies bold, tactless, or unfiltered behavior.
  • Impudent: It suggests a lack of respect or politeness.
  • Cocky: This adjective conveys an overconfident and sometimes arrogant attitude.
  • Saucy: It implies a disrespectful or insolent demeanor.

 на 7

        14. Is / was such behavior typical of your class?

        15. In what way does Joseph's new school differ from his previous school in Africa? What can be inferred about these British kids and African kids? [respect]

        16. What do little boys have a knack for? [fighting it out and...]

        17. Should there be a tough violence policy in schools? Should teachers nip even the slightest insolence [дерзость] and audacity [нахальство] in the bud [пресекать на корню] or should they let things take their course [пускать вещи на самотек] so that children learn about life and can stand up for themselves [постоять за себя]? [to allow things to unfold naturally=to let things take their course=to go with the flow]

        18. Why do you think teacher Hazel wouldn't let the girl tattle on [настучать на] / report the boys' fight in the school yard? Was it wise of her? Or would you have let the girl tell everything?

IV. Fill in each gaps with one word from the film or from the above questions:

1. Тыкать пальцем в = tointo

2. Поделить 4 на 2 =to devide 4 2

3. Влюбиться в кого-либо = tosmb

4. Давай! Ударь его! =Go! him!

5.  Не смей говорить со мной так!= Don't you talk to me like that! 

6. нахальный [neutral style] =

7. дерзость=

8. буян, безобразник = a

9. пресекать на корню =to the

10. постоять за себя =to oneself