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Task I Watch episode 1, and find int he subtitles English equivalents or synonyms of the following words:

  1. вопрос,  что было первым-яйцо или курица = the or the
  2. спрос=
  3. предложение=
  4. оправдать (в значении "окупить")= to
  5. веретено=a
  6. Ей-богу!=
  7. умный=smart=
  8. дальновидный=
  9. попасть в долгую очередь=to be a terrific wait
  10. Что бы вы сказали?= Whaddaya say?= What say?
  11. нет=
  12. a person or thing that may be useful to you, especially a possible new customer or business opportunity=наводка, зацепка, ниточка= a
  13.   упорство, настойчивость=
  14. a phrase or an idea that has been used so often that it no longer has much meaning and is not interesting= штамп, шаблон, стереотип=a
  15. образованный дурак=an
  16. непризнанная гениальность (дословно: невознагражденная гениальность)=
  17. самый могущественный, всесильный=
  18. изменить свою жизнь=to one's life
  19. быть побеждённым= to be 
  20. неиссякаемый поток энергии=a never flow of energy
  21. спокойствие духа, спокойная уверенность, душевное равновесие=
  22. пытаться достичь= to
  23. очевидный, заметный=
  24. fine=great= все круто=
  25. просрочить (платежи по кредитам) на 60дней= to be 60 days
  26. ресторан для автомобилистов на открытом воздухе=a
  27. Что?/Что вы сказали?=
  28. Котлета=a
 If you have more than 30% red spots, reload the page and do the exercises over again.
Send your teacher a screenshot with the final results of your work.

Task II.  Prepare answers to these questions:

  1. What did Ray Kroc trade in?
  1. What was his dream? What was he trying to achieve in his business?
  1. How did he tout /baliboo his multi-mixers? What was his main arguments for cafe owners to buy them? Why would most drive-in owners refuse to buy his multi-mixers for milkshakes?
  2. What helped him not to lose hope? What inspirational words did the speaker say on the record he put on?
  3. Do you think it is possible to alter our life by altering our set of mind?
  1. What was Ray Kroc’s financial rating? Did he have any credits? 
  1. What was unusual about Mc Donald’s order?
  1. Why did he decide to drive to McDonalds? How far did he have to drive?
  1. How was Mc Donald’s different form other drive-ins?
  2. What do you think of Ray Kroc's business? Would you like to have such a job?
  3. What was the problem with drive-ins back on the 1950s? How did Ray Kroc think they could be overcome?

Task III  Watch episode 2 and episode 3 and find in the subtitles English equivalents or synonyms for the following words:

  1. картошка фри =
  2. обертка = a
  3. To come round = заехать= to
  4. Would you like...?= Do you for...?
  5. Ok=
  6. Вот в чем ключ к успеху=THat's the of the game
  7. Tailored = made-to-order=сделанный по индивидуальному заказу=
  8. Как, черт возьми, вы до этого додумались?= How the did you with this?!
  9. хрустящий=
  10. хрусткий=
  11. Totally right=идеальный, четкий, в яблочко= -on
  12. It's none of my business=None of my
  13. Вывести кого-то на обед= to smb out to dinner
  14. Направиться на Запад=to
  15. To get a job at ... = to a job at...
  16. Can I borrow 10 cents from you? = Can you
  17. рутбир (шипучий напиток из экстрактов кореньев и трав)=
  18. To be very successful financially = to make a lot of money=to rock=to show great vigor =to
  19. Эстакада, переезд= an
  20. We are screwed =Мы погибли=We are
  21. Распилить пополам =to saw
  22. Да ладно!=
  23. To establish  oneself in business=упрочивать свой бизнес= to shop
  24. To make some tricks=сделать несколько ходов =to make some
  25. Ресторан для автомобилистов =a
  26. To be very popular=to be the hottest thing =to be all
  27. To develop a presence in=to establish oneself in
  28. We have got to get in on this= Мы должны участвовать в этом=We get in on this
  29. Выравниваться =to stop growing = to off
  30. Желаемая клиентура=desirable
  31. Лихач=a hot
  32. Малолетний преступник=a
  33. To last forever=Длиться вечность= to take
  34. A girl whose job is to serve diners in their cars, taking and bringing orders =a
  35. Платежи персоналу= the
  36. Продаваться = to generate profit=to go
  37. Одноразовая посуда= dishes
  38. To keep out hooligans= вытеснить хулиганов=to drive out the
  39. To use other people's ideas=to
  40. Снести здание=to a building
  41. Заставить кого-то (МЯГКО) сделать что-то, сделать так, чтобы что-то произошло=to smb V1
  42. Осторожно!=!
  43. a revolving [вращающийся] stand or tray on a table, used esp. for holding condiments = a Lazy
  44. Симфония эффективности=a of
  45. Ни одно движение не пропадёт зря=not a motion
  46. Подъехать на машине=to up
  47. Сигналить (на машине)=to
  48. Ошарашенный =taken aback=confused=
  49. Very angry=
  50. To swear dirtily at... =материть кого-то= to out
  51. Выбросить мусор =totrash
  52. Сдаться= to give in=to the towel
  53. To be a tremendous success = иметь большой успех= to go
  54. Устроить шоу=to a show
  55. муха =a
  56. Должно быть были привлечены=drawn
  57. Полная катастрофа=a total
 If you have more than 30% red spots, reload the page and do the exercises over again.
Send your teacher a screenshot with the final results of your work.
Task IV. Prepare answers to the following questions:
  1. What impressed Ray Kcroc about Mc Donald's particularly?
  2. Why, d o you think,  he took the Mc Donald brothers out to dinner? (Use: with the view to V..ing)
  3. How had they started out?
  4. How many items were there on the first Mc Donald’s’ menu initially?
  5. Was it successful?
  6. What happened to sales?
  7. What built-in problems did drive-ins have?
  8. What people did their drive-in tend to attract?
  9. What was the problem with the service?
  10. What was the problem with the payroll?
  11. What other overhead expenses did they face?
  12. What were the three most popular items? What proportion of sales did they generate?
  13. How did they advertise their hamburgers?
  14. What did they get rid of?
  15. What environment did they try to create?
  16. What was the biggest cut they made?
  17. What did Dickdraw on the ground of a tennis court?
  18. What did they have their staff do at the tennis court?
  19. How did they call their system?
  20. How did people take the new format of a drive-in with no carhops, and with paper dishes?
  21. What had the McDonalds’ underestimated?
  22. What did they decide to do to popularize the new format of their restaurant?
  23. What happened during the re-opening?

Task V Translate: ​​​

  1. Если бы не Великая Депрессия, их маленький кинотеатр был бы очень успешным (swell)
  2. Столкнувшись с долгим ожиданием заказа, многие жалели, что пришли в эту забегаловку для автомобилистов. (Having V3 , ...wished...)
  3. "Ну когда же мне принесут мой чертов заказ!" думал Рэй. (...wish...)
  4. Один из братьев предложил урезать меню. (suggested Ving)
  5. Если бы кафе не привлекало хулиганов, лихачей и малолетних преступников, то ущерба было меньше.
  6. Если мне придется выйти из машины, есть из бумаги и выбрасывать мусор самому, то я не буду здесь питаться.
  7. Многие автомобилисты поняли, что если они встанут  очередь, то получат заказ уже через 30 секунд.