Старая форма входа

I. Watch the video with subtitles on and try to understand it

II. Fill in each gaps with one word from the film or from the above questions:

1. Смертельная толпа= 

2. Паника и отчаяние = and

3. Соболезнования=

4. реакция на трагедию =to the tragedy

5.  Проблемы с контролем за толпой=  with crowd control

6. Эвакуация пострадавших =evacuation of the

7. Безвременные смерти=deaths

8. Глубокое огорчение и шок = deepand shock

9. перенаправить толпу=to the crowd

10. Свидетель =a

11. траур =

12. давка=a

13. попавший в ловушку =  

14. опознать жертвы =to



III. Prepare answers to the questions so as to use the words in [brackets]:

1. What prompted South Korea to declare a national period of mourning? (surge, Halloween, Seoul.)
2. How many people were reported dead as a result of the crowd crush? (At least )
3. What were some of the challenges faced by individuals caught in the crowd crush? (trapped, panicked, breathe.)
4. How did emergency responders attempt to address the situation? (CPR, redirected)
5. What international response has been observed regarding the tragedy? (condolences, various)
6. What questions have arisen regarding the incident? (Concerns about ...)
7. What actions are authorities taking in response to the tragedy? (An investigation, determine the cause, identify victims, and ensure accountability.)

IV. Imagine that you were in the crowd but managed to survive. 

Tell about it and your feelings during the crush and after it. Use:

- Hardly had smb1+ V3, when smb2 + Past Simple = Не успел ... [и/а/о], как ...

- to have difficulty breathing

- desperately

- with all one's might = из последних сил 

- to be  squeezed from all sides

- to be able to V1 = to manage to V1

- to catch hold of = to grasp = to seize = ухватиться за

-  a horrifying sight met my eyes = моему взору открылось ужасное зрелище 

- I wish + Past Perfect =Не надо было мне

- I would rather have V3 = Лучше бы я...

- Better safe than sorry = Береженого бог бережет.

- a stampede =паническое бегство, давка

- a cardiac arrest =остановка сердце