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Before watching familiarize yourself with wash trading. It refers to an illegal activity in which a single trader buys and sells the same security in order to generate misleading market information.

I. Watch the video below with captions on and answer the question:

Why did FTX get a no-action relief*? 

No-action relief is a mechanism that allows registrants to obtain certain assurances when their conduct may touch upon a gray area of regulation, or even may be technically proscribed, but does not raise the policy concerns underlying a particular rule. 

II. Watch again and fill in the table 

Russian English 

Practice the active words by entering the English translation in the gaps

1.главный исполнительный директор Show/Hide translation a
2. лазейка Show/Hide translation a
3. купиться на скромный имидж Show/Hide translation toimage
4. хранить деньги в токене за комиссию Show/Hide translation to money in a for a
5. группа недотеп = группа дегенератов Show/Hide translation a= a kids
6. играть в азартные игры на деньги клиентов Show/Hide translation to with customer funds
7. без согласия Show/Hide translation
8. to succeed in smth= Show/Hide translation tosmth
9. ценные бумаги, на основе которых выпущены токены Show/Hide translation
10. кумовство Show/Hide translation
11. притча во языцех, широко известная марка Show/Hide translation a
12. заполучить рычаги влияния Show/Hide translation to
13. цепная реакция Show/Hide translation a
14. поднять процентные ставки Show/Hide translation to
15. заблаговременное предупреждение = a timely warning Show/Hide translation a
16. просочиться, быть слитой, раскрытой[об информации] Show/Hide translation to
17. отслеживать местоположение Show/Hide translation to
18. быть под угрозой получить длительное тюремное заключение Show/Hide translation to a lengthy
19. напечатанный из ничего токен Show/Hide translation a
20. использовать как залог Show/Hide translation to use as
22. выбросить актив на открытый рынок по низкой цене и в большом кол-ве Show/Hide translation toan asset on the open market
23. покрыть денежными средствами выводы средств Show/Hide translation to
24. полностью наоборот, на 180 градусов Show/Hide translation t0
25. Дела должны были быть неутешительными Show/Hide translation Things needed to be
26. отмывание денег и нарушения санкций Show/Hide translation and
27. подать на банкротство Show/Hide translation to
28. to disappear= Show/Hide translation to
29.справедливо, с полным правом Show/Hide translation
30. отрицательная читая стоимость, долги Show/Hide translation a
31. одолжить деньги под залог Show/Hide translation to
If you have less than 20 answers in green, reload the page and do the test again


What loophole did Sam Bankman-Fried use to earn his starting captial?

What sort of company did he set up an whom did he invite as partners?

what returns did Alameda research offer its clients?

How did the company violate its own guidelines?

How did FTX help Ukarain?

WHom did they give money to to gain political leverage?

How did inflation affect crypto products?

How did Sam try to save his own investment company Alameda?

What cobglict of interests was notices with the SEC and FTX through Caroline, Sam's collegue?

How did Binance's owner CZ ruin FTX? What grudge did he have against FTX?

How much money did FTX have in liability and how much did they have in liquid assets?

What charges were made against Binance itself?

Where did the mysterious hacker move the $600mln our of FTX?

Who and how much invested into the failing crypto platform?

Who is rumoured to have siphoned over half a bln from FTX?

Describe the egregious ethical lapse that Sam committed in relations to is customersand partners.