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I. Warm up. Answer the questions:

  1. Have any recently imposed sanctions affected your life in any way? How? Did you
    manage to adjust to the change?
  2. What do you know about any countries who have struggled to prosper economically
    because of sanctions? Expand using the words from the table.

hostile*            belligerent*

cornered nation

undermine* the economy

damaging trade restrictions


military power




hostile - unfriendly and aggressive

belligerent(n) - a country that is in the state of a war

undermine(v) - make it less strong or less secure than it was before

II. Language study. Complete the definitions with the words from the table. Discuss their meaning with the teacher:






  1. A__________ to a person or thing is a danger that something unpleasant might happen to them.

A ______ to a country/ economy/ relationship; protect against

  1. If someone is ___________from a place or from doing something, they are officially forbidden to go there or to do it.

           to be _______ from entering a country/ from international transfers

  1. If there is a __________of power or an area of land, a group of people suddenly take control of the place, using force.

a _______of a town, a ______of power, a_______ of assets

  1. If someone or something _________ an event, system, or process, they cause difficulties that prevent it from continuing or operating in a normal way.

          ______supply chains; _______ peace

  1. ________ = in a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined

            _________ Oil

III. Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrK2B2yMPrA  and formulate its main idea.

IV. Learn more active words from the video at https://quizlet.com/Kurochka_Ryaba/folders/business-english-sanctions?x=1xqt&i=4q2gra

V. Video discussion. Answer the questions using the words below them:

  1. Why does the speaker describe how honeybees defend their hive from a hornet?
  2. What are sanctions?

diplomatic actions/ international law/security threat

  1. What are 4 types of sanctions?

-foreign military base/ban military personnel


-sovereign nations/ barred from recognition

- trade/ currency flow/ investment

  1. Are all sanctions absolute?

target specific industries/people

  1. What is the difference between sanctions and regular trade restrictions?


  1. Why is trust so important for free trade among countries?

food security/ manufacturing/ hold your end of the bargain

  1. What is the first problem with sanctions?

severe side-effect

  1. What are the main sanctions imposed on Russia?

block from purchasing/freeze assets/travel restrictions/international transfers/ access to the
SWIFT network

  1. What went wrong with sanctions imposed on Russia?

-food supplier/economic shape

- repay debt

-asset seizures/ rent out planes/pay the lease

-oil prices/ disrupted supplies/ crude/ refine/ bidding war/push up the price

  1. What is a carve-out?

humanitarian goods/essential

  1. What are three goals to place sanctions on countries?

human rights abuse/weapons of mass destruction/ regime change

  1. Why are sanctions not likely to change the regime in Russia in the near future?

bulk up on foreign currency reserves/wishful thinking

Up to you. Make your case by answering the questions:

  1. So why are sanctions a double-edge sword?
  2. The speaker’s take away message is that sanctions work better as a threat than as a
    weapon. Do you agree?
  3. The speaker is saying that in the future some countries will opt for becoming more
    self-sustainable as opposed to relying on global free trade. Do you think it is a
    negative or a positive trend? Why?


VI. Vocabulary Extra. What do the words and expressions in bold mean? Try to remember the context they were used in in the video. Make your own sentences with them:

-Nature is pretty metal.



• to describe something as brutal or hardcore, it's called "metal" as in comparison to the harsh sound of heavy
metal music.

example: -sees someone get torn apart by a shark on tv-

"woah that’s metal."


-Let them believe they are putting up a good fight.

-They expect other countries to hold their end of the bargain.

-Earlier sanctions were really just a heavily watered-down version of what is being imposed
on Russia now.

VII. Make a summary of the video.