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I. Before watching the video answer the questions:

1. What is electroencephalography, or EEG?

2. What does it measure? [Prompts: brain acitivity, electro-magnetic waves produced by neurons, the activity of a particular brain zone,  the biochemical makeup on neurons] You may want to read about it, for example, on this random website , although it is not necessary.

Watch the video and do the vocabulary exercise on it below.

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Russian English 

Practice the active words by entering the English translation in the gaps

1.начальная школа Show/Hide translation
2. быть внимательным, концентрировать внимание Show/Hide translation to
3. повязка на голову Show/Hide translation a
4. измерять уровень концентрации Show/Hide translation toof concentration
5. умолять Show/Hide translation to
6. искусственный интеллект Show/Hide translation
7. создавать условия для экономики, где нет наличных денег Show/Hide translation toa economy
8. совершать покупки Show/Hide translation to
9. гигантская сеть Show/Hide translation a
10. камера наблюдения Show/Hide translation acamera
11. распознавание лиц Show/Hide translation
12. следить за гражданами Show/Hide translation to
13. предлагать взглянуть краем глаза на... Show/Hide translation to of/into...
14. уровень вовлеченности Show/Hide translation an
15. давление Show/Hide translation
16. микросхема, чип Show/Hide translation a
17. отслеживать местоположение Show/Hide translation to
18. зевать Show/Hide translation to
19. пользователь интернета Show/Hide translation a
20. заключенный в тюрьме [look into the inscriptions in the video at 1:12] Show/Hide translation a
22. согласие родителей Show/Hide translation
23. регистрировать кого-либо на участие в эксперименте Show/Hide translation tosmb into an experiment
24. повысить оценки Show/Hide translation to
25. подпитывать [3 формы глагола через дефис] мощные алгоритмы Show/Hide translation to powerful algorythms
26. увидеть своими глазами Show/Hide translation to
27. устройство, распознающее волны мозга Show/Hide translation a
28. a gadget= Show/Hide translation a
29. лоб Show/Hide translation a
30. улавливать сигналы Show/Hide translation tosignals
31. данные о работе нейронов Show/Hide translation
32. детализировать/детально показывать уровень концентрации Show/Hide translation tolevel
33. примерить Show/Hide translation to
34. подверженный загрязнению артефактами Show/Hide translation
35. испытывающий желание почесаться Show/Hide translation
36. вертлявый Show/Hide translation
37. отрицательно влиять на результат Show/Hide translation tothe result
38. ложные показания [прибора] Show/Hide translation
39. дисциплинированный Show/Hide translation
40. задремать Show/Hide translation to
41. наказывать за низкие показатели внимания Show/Hide translation scores
42. рывок к искусственному интеллекту Show/Hide translation aAI
Reload the page and do the test again until you get all answers green  ;

II. Insert prepositions where necessary. Where there is no preposition, enter a "-":

1.to make purchases one's face

2.to enroll smb an experiment/event

3.to put a brain wave sensing gadget

4.to pick electrical signals

5.real time

6. to find who is paying attention

7.10-minute intervals

8.to affect the signal

9. despite the chances of false readings

10. a huge push AI

III. List positive effects on the children from wearing these headbands during class on one side and negative ones - on the other one, adding your own thoughts.

IV. Answer the questions:

What do these pupils have to wear in class?

What do the headbands measure?

Where are the results sent?

How does it influence the students' academic scores?

How does it influence their discipline?

Would you agree to have your child put through this experiment for several year in a row? and for a month?

Would you like to go through such a monitoring procedure on your work or in your school?Why?

How would it help in education technologies? 

How does it help evaluate teachers? What qualities can they be assessed on?

V. Make up a dialogue(and send it in for a check)  

between the mother of a student of a chinese school where an experiment with AI is being launched and the Principal of the school. The mother is against enrolling her child on the experiment, therefore, she wants to change the school for another one. She expresses her objections and gives arguments, the principal tries to reassure her. Finally, she asks for time to think.

Use: -Can I have a word with you, Mr Chee? - I am afraid we'll have to .. - The thing is,... - I won't have my child +V1 = Я не позволю, чтобы мой ребенок .. - an adverse effect - To add to that,... - In your place =На вашем месте,... - Mrs Shee, I wouldn't make hasty decisions. - The technology is expected to improve ...dramatically. = Ожидается, что эта технология улучшит... значительно. - According to reports of teachers of other schools,.... - Wouldn't you like the boy to...? - Разве вы бы не хотели, чтобы ваш мальчик [что-то сделал/был каким-то] - I am still having second thoughts = Я все еще сомневаюсь - to add to pressure - will constantly feel  as though ...= всегда будет чувствовать что будто... - I would rather he had more privacy than high scores= Я бы предпочла, чтобы у него было больше частного пространства нежели высокие баллы.-a guinea ['gini] pig = подопытный кролик - Suit yourself = Как хотите. 

VI.  Write an essay on the topics:

1. In some schools pupils wear headbands which measure their level of attention during class. What are the advantages and disadvantages of monitoring children's conсentration levels?  Use the following structure: Introduction - A body of  paragraphs -Conclusion  Also use:

- On the one hand,...=С одной стороны,...

- On the other hand,... =С другой стороны,...

- to influence academic scores positively

- to improve discipline =улучшить дисциплину  

- to influence some kids' psyche negatively

- to add to pressure =добавлять [морального] давления

- to feel as if someone was watching you=ощущать, что будто бы кто-то наблюдает за тобой

- in constant stress

- to be bad for the nervous system =быть вредным для нервной системы

- a controversial issue =противоречивый вопрос. 

- All in all, ...= В общем и целом,...

2. [IELTS] Do the advantages of measuring pupils' attention levels by means of electroencephalography during class really outweigh the disadvatages?

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