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I. Watch the video below and try to understand its main message.

What do you think is the aim of the video?

a. To inform the viewers on the economy of Russia in order to attract investments.

b. To throw down the glove to other countries 

c. To lift the spirits of Russian people

d. To arouse other nations' interest and respect for Russia;

Type in the letter of the right answer here:


II. Watch again and write in the gaps English equivalents for the following:


1. богатый углеводородами =

2. преувеличение =

3. значительно меньше =

4. ископаемое топливо

5. "под ключ"=

6. атомная электрическая станция= a

7. транспортное машиностроение= transport -

8. вагон поезда= a train

9. поставлять странам бывшего СССР= to to countries of the USSR

10. осуществлять поставки= to send

11. не говоря уже о...=

12. оружие (неисчисляемое сущ) =

13. яркое воплощение = a

14. безопасность=

15. занимать первое место по экспорту пшеницы= to hold the first place by

16. сельскохозяйственное сырье= agricultural

17. джентельменский набор= a

18. поисковик= a

19. мирового класса=

20. доступный, в наличии для всех =

21. занимать первые строчки рейтингов= to to first lines of

22. служба такси =a

23. служба доставки= a


III. Insert missing words:

The share of mineral fuels in Russia's exports in 2019 was 51 per cent,which is significantly less than of many oil producing countries.
The real pearl of Russian mechanical engineering is its industry.
Moreover, Russia is in the first place in of the number of foreign customers.
And it is preparing to a nuclear powerl plant in Belarus.
Transport machine building is also in demand far Russia.
Russia holds the global second place arms exports.
We hold the first place in the world wheat exports. 
The largest buyer of wheat in the world is Egypt that is 80 per cent dependent Russian supplies.
Russian cooking oils, fish  and seafood are quite popular.
Russian mail services, national domains, anti-virus tools,social networks, search engines and browsers are available any user on the planet. 
Russia has independent to space which it shares with other nations. Using Russian rockets, both foreign sattelites and astronauts are sent orbit. 
Images from Russia's navigation space of the GLONASS system help track climate change and collect other important data about the planet.
The perception of Russia as a gas station is simply not correct. Its real potential is much higher and .

IV. Prepare answers to the questions:

1. How has Russia been perceived since the disintegration of the USSR?
2. What is the most demonstrative embodiment of Russia's technological progress?
3. In what other spheres can we provide for ourselves?
4. Which od these spheres ensure our protection from military attacks?
5. Are the mentioned production technologies totally localised in Russia? What have you heard about our dependence on other countries for spare parts? How dangerous is it?
Read here for more information: https://www.electropages.com/blog/2021/05/russia-producing-its-own-motherboards-and-brilliance-vliws

V.  [IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge,BEC] Reading tests.

1. Read the paragraph below. Next to the statements under it enter T for TRUE, F for FALSE, NG for NOT GIVEN

As platinum heads into a series of sustained market deficits from this year (2023) and palladium heads towards a series of market surpluses from 2025, we would anticipate an eventual closure of the platinum/palladium pricing differential. Consequently, we expect the trend of platinum for palladium substitution to slow, and eventually cease with a period of palladium for platinum reverse substitution to begin from 2025

  1. Platinum is expected to be in short supply compared to demand from this year onward (2023), while palladium is expected to have more supply than needed starting in 2025. 

  2. Platinum is expected to be in ample supply compared to demand from this year onward (2023), while palladium is expected to have more supply than needed starting in 2025. 

  3. Because of this, eventually the difference in price between platinum and palladium should become smaller. 

  4. Because of this, eventually the difference in price between platinum and palladium should become bigger. 

  5. As a result, the trend of using platinum instead of palladium is expected to slow down and eventually stop, and instead, people might start using palladium instead of platinum starting from 2025
  6. The trend of platinum for palladium substitution is expected to slow down, and eventually cease, with a potential reversal where palladium could be substituted for platinum beginning straight from the first month of 2025. 


2. Read the paragraphs bellow and answer the question under them. Enter the letter of the right answer. 

Security of supply concerns allayed by recycling mix
One of the other factors behind recent and ongoing platinum for palladium substitution has been security of supply concerns given the magnitude of Russian supply to the global palladium market (40% of mined palladium supply vs. 11% of mined platinum supply), especially in the wake of Russia's military operation in Ukraine.
This is a valid concern for the next couple of years, but looking ahead, we expect a significant increase in the recycling supply of palladium. With reference to figure 9 and considering the average age of scrapped vehicles being around 12 years, the increased supply of recycled palladium is a function of the vehicles being recycled over next few years being increasingly palladium heavy, particularly in North America and Europe. Indeed, our research suggests that by 2029 and 2030, Europe and North America palladium recycling supply will surpass identified automotive demand.

What does the word 'This' mean?

a. shortage of palladium 

b. undersupply of platinum

c. security of supply


How can the outlined concern be alleviated?

VI. [EGE, IELTS] Describe the bar charts  below. International exam- and olympiad-takers, please write one essay for both charts.

Remember to paraphrase each and every word in the titles of the infographics! For synonyms you can use Collins onlineThesaurus. Besides, think how you can change the grammar of the initial sentence.


-to dominate the market

-to exceed /surpass

- to be expected/forecast to V1

-to account for ... of global supply