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I. Watch the video below and do the test on general comprehension.

Before you watch, learn these new words:

Russian English 

Practice the active words by entering the English translation in the gaps

государственная ярмарка Click to see a
повелитель роботов Click to see a robot
произведение искусства Click to see a of art
искусственный интеллект Click to see
обойти [в соревновании] Click to see to out [3 формы глагола через дефис]
подсказки Click to see
выиграть первое место Click to see tothe first place [3формы глагола через дефис]
получить критику в свой адрес Click to see to get some
мошенничать, плутовать Click to see to
созидательная сила Click to see a
возможно / можно сказать, что Click to see
получить признание Click to see to get
поучаствовать / to take part in Click to see to
устаревший/неактуальный Click to see
решать [вопрос/проблему] Click to see to
голубая лента/высокая награда Click to see
рабочий цикл [в выполнении алгоритма] Click to see an
Reload the page to do the test again  ;


Enter the letter of the right answer in each gap below:

1. Jason Allen won 

a. an Art competition

b. a coding competition

c. Not given

2. Jason Allen is an artist

a. yes


c. Not given

3. The judge, Carl Duran,couldn't tell an AI-created piece of art from one doe by a human

a. True

b. False

c. Not stated

4. Jason Allen didn't put in a lot of effort to create his piece of art

a. Yes

b. No

c. Not given

Show a prompt


5. The AI, called DALL_E2, creates pictures

a. by reading our imagination

b. on its own, by analyzing various artists' works

c. by communicating to us and resorting to its experience 

Show a prompt


6. The debate is about

a. whether to recognize AI as equal to human artists

b. whether to give credits to AI coders for their works taking part  in a conventional Art competition

c. both of the above


II. Using the information from the video about Dall-E, imagine that you once visited a virtual exhibition of of modern art, where are contest was organized among artists. Make up a 2-min talk on the following IELTS speaking 2 question:

Tell about an event you attended once that aroused strong emotions in you.

Where was it?

What did you do there?

What did you see?

What did you feel and why?

Prompts: - to be held online - to vote for photos of various artists' paintings - to tell human - generated works of art from those created by a neuro network.- to evoke mingled feelings in...  MAKE SURE YOU USE AT LEAST 1 IDIOM
Some more phrases for you to pick from, including some idioms: 
A while back, …I was V-ing… at the time. I had heard about…, so I decided to V1
… was dead excited about it =with bells on = was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed /dead-set to V1/ couldn’t wait to V1 … because … had never been to…before. So …said …had been very thoughtful and considerate buying tickets …
So, we arrived at /logged on…, …. and took our seats,[ which were really comfy with nice blue covers/. We were struck by the size / sight / speed /mastery/…of… 
The auditorium / stadium / hall / website… had these lovely golden arches/mosaics on the ceiling /scenery/at the background…
After a few minutes the show / match /… started and it was wonderful / superb. … was/were striking, full of … There was a dazzling/formidable/bewildering array of paintings / talent / shapes and sizes /lights/cameras/projectors / laser projections reflecting /etc… 
You really felt like you were there/ part of the action / part of a jury
… pleased as punch / [on the] edge of one’s seat / the match/competition reached fever pinch /was so delighted that went the extra mile 
Finally ran out of steam
We loved it. 

Never had I seen so...

Lo and behold =каково же было мое удивление [As soon as we went out, lo and behold, it began to rain.]

II. Visit the website of DALL_E2 open source AI software and  prepare a summary of the video 

Use: The given video tells us about the potency of AI to.... The host [ведущий] reports on the Colorado State Fair's Art competition,the results of which are....

It is remarkable that.... = Примечательно, что....

The precedent has caused a heated debate

It is now being widely discussed whether.....

The winner himself argues that 

Others cast doubt on ... =Другие сомневаются, что...

AI itself is asked whether...

In the program such AI 

III. What the video below [optional!] and consider an answer to the questions:

[For the speaking club!] Is AI going to spell the end  [означать конец] of the job of an artist? Would you send your child to an art school having such a tool? What professions then should we opt for? Will artists lose their sources of income soon? Would you present an AI-created picture to a friend as a b-day gift? And would you buy one?