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I. Watch the videos below and do the vocabulary exercises to them.

Turn on the subtitles if the videos are hard to understand.

Если вам сложно понять и перевести видео, вы можете скачать их текст субтитров в формате docx с моими исправлениями. Затем вы можете распечатать текст субтитров и надписать новые слова переводом на свой родной язык.

0:09 how do you know you have a problem and 0:11 you need a digital detox? Well, if you're 0:13 watching this right now, you're probably 0:15 pretty tech savvy. You got lots of 0:17 different devices, and you may be 0:19 somebody who is in need of a digital 0:21 Detox. It's when these devices start to 0:23 control your life, as opposed to making 0:25 them easier. The area we find this 0:27 impacts your life the most, and this may 0:29 surprise you, but it's, in fact, your sleep. 0:31 [We] Find [that] [there are] people who are using their 0:33 devices so close to bedtime…[This] creates an 0:36 arousal in your brain that is so 0:38 profound that it makes it much harder to 0:40 go to sleep. It also affects your 0:42 circadian rhythm overall that's your 0:44 sort of normal rhythm between lights and 0:46 Night. And when that is disrupted it, 0:49 just throws off your whole sleep 0:50 Schedule! One thing you don't realize is 0:52 that simply by reading an email or 0:54 reading a text message in the middle of 0:55 the night it can take your brain from 0:57 zero to 60 very very quickly and that 0:59 brain it is a very very hard [for] brain to slow 1:01 down. The golden rule that most sleep 1:03 experts agree on is if you do get woken 1:05 up by the phone or by something else and 1:07 you're awake, get up and walk around! 1:09 Don't come back and lie in the bed until 1:12 you're truly ready to go to sleep! So 1:13 take a break put on the out-of-office, 1:15 put the cell phone away.[This] could help you 1:17 live to a hundred

Write English equivalents or synonyms  from the video for the Russian words and phrases in the table

продвинутый в компьютерах =techie=


вместо того чтобы= instead of=+V-ing

сильно воздействовать на = to affect =to (on);


возбуждение=невозможность уснуть=an


циркадный ритм = a

сбивать= to=to off
разогнать ваш мозг с нуля до 60миль/час=взвинтить= to take the brain from (write in numbers) установить режим "не в офисе" =tothe (write through hiphens "-"=пишите через дефис)

 Reload the page and practice again and again until you get all the words in green

0:01 Host: Time for the download! Today we are 0:03 tackling a huge issue: how to have a 0:06 healthier relationship with your digital 0:08 devices. I recently spoke with Carl 0:09 Newport, author of the new book “Digital 0:11 mental minimalism”, about how not to let 0:14 your phone rule your life! Host: Why is it so 0:17 Important. Carl: Well, I think a lot of people 0:19 right now are starting to feel uneasy 0:21 about their relationship with their 0:23 technology. In particular, how much 0:25 they're down doing this, how much they[‘re] 0:27 looking down at their screen. And they're 0:28 looking for a way to fix this 0:29 Relationship. Host: I've been struggling with 0:31 this mightily for years… So you've got a 0:33 plan in your book about how people can 0:34 do this. And one of the first things you 0:36 say is to remove any app that makes 0:38 money from your attention. Carl: well it's 0:41 worth remembering that billions of 0:43 dollars have been invested to try to 0:45 figure out how to get you to 0:47 compulsively look at your phone screen. 0:49 So what are the easiest things you could 0:51 do to protect yourself from that is just 0:53 take off the phone the apps of which 0:55 that investment was made! You can still 0:56 access them on your computer, at your 0:58 desktop, but it's not that your pocket’s 1:00 pulled out of your attention at every 1:01 minute of the day. Host: The Big Kahuna in your 1:03 book is something called a 30-day 1:05 digital declutter. This may give some 1:07 people hives but what is it? Carl: Well, I 1:09 recommend that you actually take a full 1:11 30 days to step away from the 1:15 technologies in your personal life that 1:16 are optional, the things you don't have 1:18 to have just to keep the lights on or 1:20 run your business. During that period, 1:22 actually, get back in touch with what you 1:24 care about, what you actually like the 1:25 speed your type doing, what your values 1:27 are. And then when it's over, rebuild your 1:30 digital life from scratch, just adding back in 1:32 the tools or services you actually 1:34 need. Host: You've put people through this 1:35 digital declutter [in] this 30-day program. 1:38 What do you hear from them? Carl: One of the 1:40 key things I discovered was those who 1:42 are most likely to succeed and make it 1:44 sustainable changes were those who 1:46 actually put in the effort during the 30 1:47 days just to figure out what is it that I 1:50 really want to be doing, instead of 1:51 looking at the screen. Those who did that 1:53 they were much more likely to make 1:55 long-term sustainable changes when the 1:57 30 days were over. 1:58 Host: As I said, huge subject. The new book is 2:00 called “Digital Minimalism”. Carl, thank you 2:01 very much. And if you want to hear much 2:02 more from my conversation with Carl 2:04 Newport, check out the “10% happier” 2:06 podcast available on Apple 2:08 Podcasts. …..
затрагивать огромную проблему =toa huge отношения с цифровыми устройствами=awith
беспокоиться о=to worry about =toabout чувствовать себя плохо делая что-то=to feel bad doing smth=todoing smth
удалить приложение из телефона=tofrom the phone=toan application from the phone делать деньги на вашем внимании =to make money
стоит помнить =It isremembering незаметно заставить вас машинально смотреть на экран=toyou to look at your screen
иметь/осуществлять доступ к =to the most important place [in a book] = the big
уборка цифрового мусора=digital отстраниться от необязательных вещей =tothings
оставаться на плаву =toone's заново установить связь с=towith
перестроить жизнь с нуля=to прилагать усилия =to
заставить людей пройти программу(тренинг)=topeople a program добиться стойких изменений в долгосрочном периоде =to make long-term

 Reload the page and practice again and again until you get all the words in green

II. Prepare answers to the questions:

1. Do you consider yourself dependent on your smartphone and other gadgets? How does it manifest itself?

2. What apps and functions keep you glued to the screen? How?

3. What apps and features make you pop up when you are sleeping or prevent you from going to sleep?

4. How do you try to minimize the use of your gadgets?( If you do at all)

5. What advice can you give to those having  strong addiction to gadgets?

6. What is the longest time you could live without your smartphone, tablet, laptop and any other smart devices?

7. What sort of digital detox would you like to go for?

III. Summarize both the videos in writing in about 7-10 questions:

Use: -Both videos raise the problem of... =Оба видео поднимают проблему...- In the first video it is stated that... -The second video brings out the negative effect of... during the day - While=В то время как, тогда как - to focus in =фокусироваться на...  - to provide advice/recommendations on... =давать совет по... - In essence/basically = В целом,..  - should V1 =следует сделать что-то


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