Старая форма входа

I. Watch the video below and find in it English equivalents for the Russain words beneath the video:

уход за собой =; краска для волос = a hair; пропитывать =to ; переходящий из светлого в темный, градиентный = ; щит, экран=a; прожилка, подтек, прядь= a; красить прядями =to ; придать живость, колорит =to up; распыляемый = -on

If you guessed less than half the words, reload the page and do it again

Watch the video again and fill in the gaps with the words from task I.

Hi, I'm T Cooper. I'm a New York City-based makeup artist, hairstylist, and co-founder of beauty and  business, Metro Look. Today, I'm going to show you how to use -on washable hair color, which is really easy, and it's a fun way to up your hairdo. So today, we're going to use pink. Usually, you can spray it right on the hair, but when you do that, sometimes the spray gets on other parts that you don't necessarily want to spray. If you want to do your entire head, it's a good idea, but if you want to it, the best thing to do is get a piece of paper. It could be any kind of paper, newspaper. The whole point is just to your hair. So, you take the hair, you hold it in front of the paper, you pick up your can, you shake it, and you apply it straight on the hair. Right now, we're going to do a nice little streak in the hair. Slide it down, make sure you get the whole entire head. Well, the whole entire strand. You need to go over a couple of times, that's fine. And there you go, we have a nice little purple streak in the hair. My favorite way to do it personally when I use it is I just do the bottom, kind of like for an effect. So, it'll be the same thing. You decide how far down you want it to stop. So, you go maybe from two or three inches from the bottom. You shake it up again. You know what? Let's switch colors this time. Let's do pink. So, you're going to take the hair, put it in front of the paper, and just the hair entirely. You can go over it a few times if you feel you missed a spot. And then there you go. I'm T Cooper, and I just showed you how to use washable spray hair . Thanks for watching.

Send a screenshot of your answer results to your teacher

III. Prepare answers to the questions:

  1. Who is the speaker of the video?
  2. What is the name of the business that the speaker is a co-founder of?
  3. What is the purpose of using the spray-on washable hair color according to the speaker?
  4. What color does the speaker use in the demonstration?
  5. How does the speaker recommend using the paper when applying the spray-on washable hair color?
  6. What is the speaker's favorite way of using the spray-on washable hair color personally?
  7. What other hair coloring techniques does the speaker suggest using?
  8. What hair coloring techniques do you use? And your daughter?

IV. Retell the video

Use: - In the vieo the speaker shows how to...

- to recommend V-ing 

- to demonstrate 

- to advise smb on smth = to consult smb on smth =консультировать кого-то о чем-то

V. Make up a dialogue:

Your daughter wants to have her hair dyed.  First you try to talk her out of that, but then you give in. But you suggest her highlighting it with a washable pigment rather than perm it. You explain the method and why it is better to go with washable dyes.


-to be sick and tired with smth = быть сытым по горло чем-то

- to make sure you V1=убедиться /обеспечить, чтобы...

-You had better V1=Лучше бы тебе....

-to become smb ="идти" кому-то, for example: This style becomes you!

-I suggest you V-ing =Я предлагаю тебе [сделать что-то], for example: I suggest you color your hair with a washable dye  first