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I. Watch the video below and try to understand its main message.


What do you think is the most general moral of the video?

a. With nuclear weapons humanity walks on thin ice

b. Politicians are those who prevent mass destruction

c. The USSR and the USA were the 2 leading states at the time of the Caribbean Crisis staying on the top of world affairs

d. Whether to push the red button should be decided by more than 2 people

Type in the letter of the right answer here:


II. Watch again and write in the gaps English equivalents for the following:

1. быть уничтоженным=to be killed to the last man=to be liquidated = to be

2. нажатием кнопки = at the  of a button

3. встретиться лицом к лицу = to be in the state of a confrontation with each other= to

4. способный разрушить= having the ability to crash =

5. надвинуться вплотную = маячить близко = быть близко = угрожать сильно= to closer

6. реактивная ракета=снаряд= a

7. скинуть коммунистическое правительство =to a communist

8. искать помощи у = to help

9. советский генеральный секретарь = a

10. выполнить требование= удовлетворить требование=to satisfy a demand= to

11. направить ядерные ракеты в Кубу = разместить ядерные ракеты на Кубе= to nuclear missiles Cuba

12. противодействовать угрозе= нейтрализовать угрозу = to offset a treat= toneutralise a threat =to a threat

13. разведка =

14. побуждать к атаке с воздуха по местам дислоцирования ракетных комплексов= to on missile

15. вторжение=нашествие= occupation=

16. сельскохозяйственное сырье= agricultural

17. осторожный подход= a

18. флот= a

19. перехватывать поставки = to ceize dispatchments = to

20. военно-морская блокада=блокада на море =

21. вооруженная агрессия = armed aggression= an

22. карантин =a

23. не понять разницы= not to the

24. нарушение свободы =the of freedom

25. толкать мир в пропасть мировой ядерно-ракетной войны=to push the world to the of the world nuclear war

26. последовать= to follow= to set in= to come = to

27. оборонительный =protective =

28. сбить шпионский самолет= to a plane

29.атомная подводная лодка = a nuclear-armed

30. поразить подводную лодку малой глубинной бомбой =to a submarine with a small-depth

31. выпустить /запустить ядерную торпеду = to a nuclear torpedo

32. принять решение единогласно = to make a decision

33. разрешить запуск = to a

34. спасти положение=to

35. привести свои войска в боеготовность уровня 2 =to set up alert level 2 (the last one before actual military actions in a nuclear war)= to one's forces to 2

36. часы судного дня= a clock

36. главный прокурор штата= an

37. советский посол= a

38. убрать ракеты =вывести ракеты= to withdraw missiles =to missiles

39. Время не ждет =

40. помешать попыткам = to hinder attemtpts = to

41. хрупкая политика людей =

42. выпустить ужасающую (своей разрушительностью) силу = to

 Do the test over and over again until you get at least 75% green.

III. Prepare answers to the questions:

1. What were people afraid of during the Cold War?
2. Should we be afraid of it now? Why?
3. Why did Nikita Khruschev deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba? 
a) to protect Fidel Castro's soviet regime
b) to offset the danger of American nuclear missiles deployed in Italy and Turkey
c) both
Enter the letter of the right variant: 
4. What was America's reaction to the USSR's activity in Cuba?
a) Shelling the missile site from the air
b) Sanctions against the USSR
c) Interception of all cargo sent to Cuba
Enter the letter of the right variant: 
5. What do you think might have happened if the USA had invaded Cuba?
6. Why did the commanders of the Soviet submarine prepare to launch a nuclear torpedo?
7. What was the initial intent of the American warship that dropped the small-depth charge? Was it a clever idea?
a) to make it surface
b) to get it to surface
c) to sink it
Enter the letter of the right variant: 
8. What would have happened if all the three commanders decided to launch a torpedo?
9. Who saved the day?
10. What did Robert Kennedy and Anatoly Dobrinin agree upon?
11. How are they viewed now?
12. What is the lesson for us today?
13. Can we degrade to the near-nuclear-war state in our relations with the West now?
14. What can happen if there breaks out a nuclear war? How can humans survive it that case?
 Do the test over and over again until you get at least 75% green.

IV. Look at the map in the picture below and comment on it. Is there parity in Russia's and NATO's nuclear wepons?

Source: https://www.vikendi.net/