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Protein synthesis: Translation Process (biology in English)

Watch the video  and answer the following questions:

1. What 2 types of RNA molecules take part in protein synthesis?                                   
2. How many nucleotides does each tRNA consist of? What is a nucleotide?
3. How many amino acids does each tRNA recognize? How many tRNAs are there?      
4. Where is an amino acid located on a tRNA molecule?                           
5. What is an anticodon and where is it found?                                            
6. What does an anticodon on the tRNA pair with?                                                
7. Where does the bonding of a codon and an anticodon take place?
8. What is often the first codon on the mRNA? What amino acid does it code for? What does it signal?
9. In relation to the ribosome which object slides perpendicular to which ones?
10. How are amino acids on top of tRNAs joined into a strand?    
If you have difficulty answering the questions, watch the video again and again and fill in the gaps in the text bellow with the following words:
  stop,  only 1, peptide, 3 nitrogen bases, about 75, strand, methionine
  Transfer RNA molecule is composed of ......  nucleotides. Each transfer- RNA molecule recognizes ...... amino acid which becomes bonded to the top of the transfer RNA molecule. Located on the bottom of the transfer RNA molecule are ...... , called an anticodon. They pair up with messenger RNA codons during translation.
As translation begins the first codon of the messenger RNA ...... attaches to a ribosome. Then transfer RNA molecules, each carrying a specific amino acid, approach the ribosome. When the transfer RNA anticodon pairs with the messenger RNA codon the two molecules join. Often the first codon on messenger RNA is A-U-G which codes for the amino acid ...... A-U-G signals the start of protein synthesis. The messenger RNA then slides along the ribosome to the next codon where a new transfer RNA molecule will pair to the messenger RNA codon. The two adjoining amino acids then become joined by a ...... bond. And the first transfer RNA molecule is released by the messenger RNA. As the process continues a chain of amino acids is formed until the ribosome reaches a ..... codon on the mRNA strand.

Источник: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6O6uRb1D38&list=PL60C69E2C64C29289
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