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Motivation of sales managers
Supply Russian translation for:
To keep key players
To attract great talent to a team
To be micromanaged
To eat the guy’s freedom
To know smb’s strengths and weaknesses
A high degree of emotional intelligence
A coach
To get an award from
To appreciate recognition
To yell at smb in person
A sales rep
A fun place to work
Watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCqFMF5RJ54

and innumerate the 2 main ways of treating sales representatives or sales managers in a company so as to increase their performance?

Watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef3HzlOg-gU

Match the terms in the left column with their definitions in the right one: 

1. Target annual income             a. having a range of possible values
2. Income floorb. Minimal income
3. To fall out of one’s lapc. An additional value to some amount
4. variabled. the difference between total revenue from sales and the total cost of purchases or materials, with an adjustment for stock
5. An overridee. Not to stay in smb’s hands, with them
6. Gross marginf. Income that the company is planning to earn in the coming year, which can be defined on the basis of the desired profitability of the invested capital, returns on sales or earnings per share

Answer the questions:

What compensation can there be for sales people and for sales managers?

What two main parts does the income of a sales manager consist of?

What can be the difference between the income floor of a sales person and that of a sales manager?

What does it make sense to pay on the sales or margin produced by the salespeople?

What part may we split the variable commission into?

How big should the percentage for achievable revenue should be?

What percentage can we pay for sales in excess of the plan?

What would we reward the sales manager for?

Why should the achievable margin commission be lower than that for overachievements in sales?

What does the presenter suggest paying a sales manager for overachievement?

Make up the following dialogue:

The pet of the company – sales manager Michael – is quitting. The boss is taken aback. He didn’t expect Michael to leave. He tells him about all the incentives they have paid to him for his top performance and calculates the man’s total annual income last year. It looks considerable. But Michael points out another reason for his resignation - the new Sales Director who, in Michael’s opinion, treats him improperly.


-I can’t make head or tail out of your leaving? = Я не могу понять причины твоего ухода.

- We have always V3= Мы всегда (что-то делали)

-Where else will you have such high percentage on sales?

- a full social packet

-the way he treats me=то, как он ко мне относится

- ridiculous requirements=нелепые требования

- to nag at the way smb V1(s)… = придираться к тому, как кто-то

- to be down on smb=to find fault with smb=придираться к …

- as if smb was=как будто бы кто-то…

- to exploit one’s skills in a more stimulating / comfortable environment





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