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Friends Season 1 Episode 1

Before watching Episode 1in Season 1 make sure you know these words:

Come on – ну, давай, да ладно
go out =date – встречаться
hump – горб
I figure = I realize = I understand
move out – выехать
murky – темный, мрачный
say out loud – произнести, сказать в слух
take it well – нормально отреагировать
sob – рыдать
gravy boat – соусница
turn on – включать, заводиться (сексуально)
freak out = panic, get angry
drift apart – расходиться, разъезжаться
issue = problem
it’s for the best – это к лучшему
hit on smb = flirt with smb
buzz in – впустить через домофон
shut up – заткнись
to be up to smth = plan smth
come over – зайти в гости
hang out – тусить, зависать
crap – чушь, говно
spoil – портить
get screwed – быть кинутым, обманутым
steer clear of smb = stay away form smb – держаться подальше от кого-то
make love = have sex
cut off – оборвать, прервать
rip out – вырывать
walk out on smb = leave smb
smash – разбить
ask smb out – пригласить на свидание
on the roll – в ударе
dead man – покойник
hanger – вешалка
big time – давно пора
not to have a snap in his turtle = to be impotent
put out - выкладывать
upbeat -радостный, оптимистичный
live off smb – жить за чей-то счет
give smb a break – не наезжать на кого-то
it sucks – это отвратительно, х*ня
that’s it = the end
geeky – странный, помешанный на чем-то
come up – подходить, приближаться

Watch the series and describe each character using personality adjectives.
Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joe, Monica, Phoebe.
Tips: nerdy, confident, unconfident, smart, weird, nice, spoilt, funny, naive, joyful, intelligent, impulsive, selfish, indecisive, artistic.  

Who said these phrases? State the contex.

This guy says hello, I want to kill myself.

Stop cleansing my aura.

Like there’s a rule or something?

Buzz him in.

Oh, I’ve just pulled out four eyelashes. That can’t be good.

You, however, have had the love of a woman for four years.

I’ve never made coffee before in my entire life.

Last night was like my birthday, both graduations plus the barn-rising scene in “Witness”.

Shut up and put my table back.

You look like you’ve slept with a hanger in your mouth.

Don’t hate. You don’t want to put that out in the universe.

Are you kidding? I’m trained for nothing. I was laughed out of 12 interviews.

I’ve just grabbed a spoon.

Explain, how these words are connected with the episode:

Wedding Divorce Shoe Barry Job The wine guy Pinocchio

Listen to Phoebe talking and insert the correct words/words combinations:

I remember when I first came to this city, I was _________. My mom had just killed herself and my ___________ was back to prison. And I got here and I didn’t know anybody. And I ended up __________with this albino guy who was cleaning windshields outside the port authority. And then he ________himself. And then I found aromatherapy. So believe me I know ________ how you feel.

Retell the episode in about 10 sentences

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