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The Slumping Ruble (pre-intermediate +) Статья на английском о рубле

Watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bL-pmYR4fRg and put the words below into the right gaps:

Bump,  a floor,  interest rate,  rampant,  attempt

 An …………………..by Russia’s central bank to put ……………………under the slumping ruble has failed. The bank raised its main interest rate much more than expected but the Russian currency got only a slight………………. for a few minutes and then continued to hit south. The one and a half per cent ……………………………………hike from 8 to 9, 5 % comes as the ruble has shed more than 20 % against the basket of currencies this year and is down 8 % against the dollar just this month. The rate hike was also intended to keep………………………. inflation, now 8.4%, in check as the central bank struggles with an economy weakened by plunging global oil prices and western sanctions. Bank also said it expects Russia’s economic growth to be close to zero in the final 3 months of this year and into the first quarter of next year.

What are the synonyms for:

-To stop a currency rate from falling=

-To recover slightly=

-To fall / to decrease dramatically / to plummet (+2 synonyms from the text)=

-An increase / a rise / a peak=

Answer the questions:

What was happening to the ruble rate when the central bank tried to take measures?

What did the central bank do to prevent the ruble from plunging further?

What is the Russian economy weakened by?

What do experts expect Russia’s economic growth to be at the beginning of the year 2015?

Retell the video.

Make up a dialogue:

A husband informs his wife about the collapse of the ruble. She is shocked because all their savings are being kept on a ruble deposit in a bank. They make a decision to transfer them into dollars, although the wife is not sure that the ruble will continue falling. She is hesitating. The husband decides to buy something valuable.  Use:

  • We are screwed up! / We are up the creek!  =   Мы в ж…пе!
  • No (fucking) way! = Да ладно! Не может быть! Ни фига себе!
  • I am for real= Я не шучу
  •  We had better V1 = Надо бы на лучше (что-то сделать)
  • What if  + Present Simple = Что если ( что –то произойдет)
  • Then …= Тогда…
  • Let’s better V1= Давай лучше (что-то сделаем)
  • All right / Ok = Давай/Ладно
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