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Putin gets Russia set for Olympics(pre-intermediate and higher)
With the Sochi Winter Olympics just months away, Russia scrambles to complete major projects, and President Vladimir Putin has taken a 'personal interest.'
Before watching the video consider the following questions: 
1. What is your attitude to hosting Olympic Games in Sochi?
2. What are the benefits of hosting Olympic games?
3. What is the possible downside of hosting Olympic games?
Now watch the video and fill in the gaps in the text with the right word from the list below ( one word is extra):
concern, hosting, efficiency, oversight, partially,roof, insists, patiently
From a distance, this Olympic camp looks close to ready: shiny new sports venues finished and tested. But look closer! There is still so much to do! Top of the list: finish the stadium. It's not _______ any sport but it will be the stage for the opening ceremony. The people directing that spectacle have to make big changes to the design, including a ________. Russia is not famous for its ________. So delivering all this on time will be a statement to the world. It's one reason why President Vladimir Putin is taking such a personal interest. Dmitry Grigoriev manages the speed skating arena. He says Putin's regular visits and direct _________ have made a big difference. 
Sochi's other challenge is overhauling the city's Soviet era infrastructure. The skylight is a mess of cranes and __________ completed buildings, many of them're much needed hotels. And then it's the traffic. It's appalling! Sochi's Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov is firmly on team Putin and _______ somehow it all will be fixed in three months. 
Security is an especially big ______ at these games, because Russia's Islamic terrorists have promised to disrupt them. And organizers can't even rely on mother nature to deliver the white stuff. It's subtropical here. So snowfall is batter. That's why they are storing vast amounts of last season snow, just in case.
Questions after listening
1. How does Sochi look now?
2. Why is it significant for the president to finish all the works on time? How is he involved in the constructions process?
3. What challenges do the organizers face? 
4. What is the general attitude of the BBC reporter to  Russia's preparations for the Olympics? 
Discussion points
1. How important is it for Russia to host the Olympics?
2. Do you think it is a wise investment of money and resources? 
3. What is going to happen to the stadiums and the Olympic games infrastructure after the event is over? 
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