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How vending machines work ( intermediate+)

Watch the video  and do the following test to it:

The vending machine can tell one coin from another

  1. With the help of a pinpoint on its sensor
  2. With split-hair accuracy
  3. With a laser decipherer

The following parameters are to be gauged:

  1. Size
  2. Size and metal
  3. Size, metal type and electro-magnetic field

What does the machine do with wrong coins?


  1. Sends them into the corresponding shoot
  2. Spits them back and rejects the sale of goods
  3. Shoots at you

You can get your change

  1. Immediately on your bank card
  2. Straightaway through a shoot
  3. After you touch a special button

The key to the precisely chosen snack is

  1. a computer behind the buttons that turns 360 degrees
  2. a box of 32 matches
  3. a computer-controlled spiral

When falling

  1. the snack breaks into 10 beans
  2. the snack crosses a red line
  3. the snack is scanned with an infrared ray

Now watch the video again and fill in the gaps in the script with the words from the list:

track  beams pin-point shoot  fakes tumbling sure spiral 

You’re hungry, you never quite have the right coins for the snack you want. How does the machine know to send back anything fake and keep ________ of how much you pay. The machine deciphers coins with ___________ accuracy. Light sensors measure the size and electro-magnets detect the metal type identifying the coins in split seconds and sorting them into columns diverting _______to the reject ______. When change is due, the columns carefully release one coin at a time ________into the shoot. These 85 parts work together to count 15000 coins a year and release your snack at the touch of a button. But when you’re hungry, there is nothing more frustrating than your snack getting stuck. How do today’s generations of vending machines make_______ you get your treat every time? Hidden behind the keys, a computer orders one of 32 matched box sized motors to turn a _________360 degrees. As the snack falls, it breaks a line of 10 infrared ________. If nothing crosses the beams the computer makes the coil turn again. With this ingenious technology, you always get your snack and never leave hungry.

In the sript find synonyms for:

sophisticated, intricate=


to channel=

to be paid = 

a ray=

Learn a retelling of this video. 

Mumble the retelling out loud making sure you pronouce all the words correctly.

Are vending machines produced in your country?

Follow this link  and prepare a presentation of the company:

- its product ramge

-software it runs

-its location


-customer support




Источник: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AkcWjB0UBE
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