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Set  1

  1. The court has jurisdiction the matter.
  2. The defendant was embezzlement.
  3. The plaintiff is seeking compensation the defendant's negligence.
  4. The witness was called the events.
  5. The judge decided prejudice.
  6. The lawyers argued the admissibility the evidence limine.
  7. The accused was taken custody pending further investigation.
  8. The contract explicitly states that the rights are transferred .
  9. The parties are currently the ownership the property.
  10. The court's decision will have implications the future copyright law.
  11. The defendant's actions led to significant damages the plaintiff's reputation.
  12. The judge granted an injunction .
  13. The accused decided to represent themselves court.
  14. The contract was deemed void being .
  15. The new law has raised concerns potential abuse power.
  16. The attorney filed a motion ex parte.
  17. The company acted their contractual obligations.
  18. The evidence presented cast doubt the defendant's alibi.
  19. The jury found the defendant guilty charges.
  20. The plaintiff's statement added weight the allegations.
  21. The case was decided the plaintiff.
  22. The court ruled that the decision was .
  23. The witness's testimony will testify the defendant's innocence.
  24. The lawyer raised objections the introduction certain evidence.
  25. The suspect was arrested involvement the crime.
  26. The defendant's behavior led to skepticism validity alibi.
  27. The court ordered a temporary injunction the sale property.
  28. The parties reached a settlement mediation.
  29. The judge ordered the evidence to be excluded limine.
  30. The contract specifies that any disputes will be resolved arbitration.
  31. The witness testified witnessing the incident.
  32. The court's decision was met with skepticism .
  33. The accused's attempt their innocence was met with skepticism.
  34. The company's behavior was deemed , leading to legal consequences.
  35. The witness's refusal the events raised doubts.