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Dear Student,

I appreciate your interest in my courses and suggest you do this mock BEC Higher (Business English Certificate) test before our first class or in between our classes. Kindly send my your work a day before our class, so that I could check it in time.

Please find   Audio 1 ,  Audio 2,  Audio 3, for Sample listening test which will take you 40minutes including transfer time ( time you spend on filling out the test form)  

Here  is Sample reading test , on which you should spend not more than 1 hour

Find Sample writing test , on which you should spend no more than 1 hour 10minutes. Before commencing to this part, I allow you to read  various band sample answers illustrated right below the test questions.

Here is Sample speaking test , in which you should record only those tasks that test your individual speaking in the form of a monologue. Allow no more than 1minute for preparation and 1 minute to speak, record your answers and send to me with the other parts of the paper.

Here is a link to the official site.

Best regards,

Tatyana Dolina