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Paying a bribe to a traffic cop

I. Read the following story:
Once I was in a hurry to work. I was driving towards Dobrolyubov street when a tram stopped at the tram station in front of me. I started going round the tram on the left carefully. Suddenly a traffic policeman / traffic cop / a road patrol /a bear pulledme over. It turned out, that I'd violated a very serious traffic rule. He said that I had to pay a fine of 5000 rubles or he would revoke my driver’s license. / disqualify me from driving / ground me. I was shocked and protested. But he was determined to issue a fine /ticket. Then I had to offer him a bribe of 3000 rubles. I said I didn’t have more cash. And he accepted the bribe. Now I try never to take over trams standing at tram stops.

Listen to the story here

Find in the text English equivalents for:

- остановить у обочины
- торопиться
-по направлению к
- перед
- объезжать слева
- осторожно
- гаишник
- оказалось,...
- нарушать правило
- быть вынужденным заплатить штраф
- изымать водительские права
- быть шокированным
-быть решительно настроенным
-выписать штраф
-предложить взятку
-принять взятку

Аnswer the following questions: Where was I driving? Who stopped in front of me? What did I do? Who stopped me? What did I violate? What did I have to pay? What could the bear do to me? What did I offer him? Did he accept it? What do I try not to do?

II. Make up the following dialogue:
A bear stops you because you violated a traffic rule. He wants to ground you or issue you a fine. But he also expects a bribe from you. You try to go without the fine.He asks you questions about your job and responsibilities to evaluate your income (чтобы оценить Ваш доход ) . You have to answer his questions. Then you give him a bribe.
- Can I have your...?
-Here you are./ Here it is.
- You violated...
- You will have to....
-I will have to....
- Please, don’t ….
- I can’t do without ….=Я не могу обойтись без..
-What are you responsible for at work?
- carrying out marketing analysis, / doing marketing research
- monitoring competitors’ prices and products
- organizing / holding advertising compaigns
-budgeting marketing compaigns
- estimating current and future expenses and revenues
- forecasting sales
-optimizing the process of retrieving information from the central billing system
- writing reports
- What do you offer?
- I could give you.
- Ok, I accept your offer.
- Go and never ….
- I promise, I will not...
- Like fun.= Щас! Разбежался.!

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