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Mitosis pre-intermediate+


and fill out the gaps with the words from the list below. One word is extra.

threads unwind push lack сoil strands disintegrates fibres spindles tug

Mitosis begins as the long --------of DNA in the nucleus start to------. Already replicated, these threads emerge as double -------, we know as chromosomes. Meanwhile, protein -------grow from the migrating centrioles forming a lattice work of -------. For reasons, scientists don’t fully understand nuclear membrane suddenly--------. With amazing accuracy a spindle from each centriole attaches itself to each of the chromosomes. Assisted by the protein fibers the chromosomes move centrostage. In a microscopic ----of war the spindles pull each chromatid toward opposite poles. Other spindles -----against each other in a rachidian action that stretches the cell. The chromosomes then ---- and the nuclear membranes reform. With mitosis complete, the nuclei and the cytoplasm separate to create two new cells in this ongoing cycle that sustains all life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPG6480RQo0 it’s a mute video. Please sound it.

Tell about the main stages of mitosis. 

Learn the text above.

Mute the video and try to sound track it reproducing the lecture on mitosis by memory.

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