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Internet friends_are they real

Study the active words below and watch the video  here , then do the test on it:




компенсировать с избытком

to overcompensate

цифровой век

The digital аge




подрывать доверие

to erode trust


в итоге, все-таки, в конечном счете

at the end of the day






общественные связи

social ties


встретиться (с)

to meet up (with)




из личного опыта…


открытый, на уровне обсуждений

up in the air


друзья в реальной жизни

irl friends=in- real-life friends

лучшие друзья, приятели

buddies, pals, cronies




  1. Having friends is an aspect of healthy living

a. Yes

b. No

c. Not given

Type in the letter of the right answer here:

  1. Reviews provided by visitors

a. Always help the host find new real friends among their guests

b. Paradoxically prevent guests from building strong connections with the host

c. Do not save us from the host’s unpredictable behavior

d. None of the above

Type in the letter of the right answer here:

  1. What helps create strong social ties, according to researchers?

a. Shared experiences

b. Shared personal secrets

c. Both

d. Neither

Type in the letter of the right answer here:

  1. We can learn from this video that

a. Sharing personal problems is not welcome by online pals

b. The one you confide your secrets in becomes more attractive to you

c. People like when you share with them your personal problems

d. If someone shares with you their intimate details, you must do it too.

Type in the letter of the right answer here:

  1. According to research, people tend to share their problems with online pals

a. Because they want to feel relief

b. Because their internet friends have also shared a lot with them

c. To make up for the lack of such an opportunity in real life

d. When they are not aware that contact with real life cronies is more rewarding

Type in the letter of the right answer here:

  1. The speaker assumes that correlation between our happiness and the presence of online friends

a. Is as low among youth as it is in older adults

b. Is considerably higher in young people than in older adults

c. Is equally high in all age groups

d. Can be positive in youth

Type in the letter of the right answer here:

  1. Studies show that staying active in social networks

a. Helps us in our career

b. Makes us more depressed and dissatisfied with life

c. Keeps us connected with the world thus supporting us morally

d. Robs us of the opportunity to turn some of our online friends into irl (=in real life) buddies

Type in the letter of the right answer here:



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