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Health Insurance in the US pre-intermediate+

I. Watch the video  and do the following test to it:

For each statement or question, choose 1 or 2 suitable answers.

  1. You have to pay a monthly premium for:
    1. Visits to the doctor
    2. Prescription medicines
    3. Both
    4. None if you have decided to do without medical insurance
  2. Which of the following are mandatory payments without which your insurance company will not or may not cover any or certain expenses?
    1. Deductibles
    2. Copayments
    3. Coinsurance
    4. All of them
    5. Deductibles and copayments or deductibles and coinsurance
  3. Which out-of-pocket expenses are flat fees?
    1. Deductibles and copayments
    2. Copays and coinsurance
    3. Coinsurance
    4. Deductibles and coinsurance
  4. It can be difficult to choose an insurance plan
    1. because coinsurance included in all of them is different amount, product or service wise and it is hard to predict your payments of it
    2. because each of them covers only either prescriptions or doctor visits or examinations, or procedures
    3. a plan with a high coinsurance and and low copays can be more economical than one with little percentage of coinsurance and higher copays
  5. The higher the deductible is the lower the copays and coinsurance will be.
    1. Yes         b.  No.           c. Not given.     d. probably     e.   probably not

II. Now watch the video again and read the script:

Health insurance is designed to help you and your family cover the cost of your medical care including doctor visits and prescription medicines. Similarly to car insurance, you are responsible for paying a specific amount or premium each month whether or not you use any medical services. In return, your insurer will pay a portion of your medical costs should you or family member get sick or injured. Keep in mind that your plan will likely require you to pay a portion of the expenses using your own money. These are the pocket costs, [which] may include a deductible, copayments and coinsurance.

Now, a deductible is the amount you have to pay out of pocket before your plan will pay any expenses. These can include both medical and pharmacy expenses meaning the deductible must be met before getting coverage for some or all prescriptions. So, for example, if your deductible is 1000$ your plan won’t pay any of your healthcare costs until you pay 1000$ in expenses out of pocket. Once you met your deductible, you may still have to pay a certain amount out of pocket for services.

One type of out-of-pocket cost is a copayment or copay. This is a flat fee you must pay for specific calculated services such as a visit to the ER for injury, a trip to the doctor when you’re sick or picking up a prescription for the pharmacy.

For some services or prescriptions, your insurance might require a different kind of out-of-pocket expense called coinsurance. Coinsurance means you must pay a percentage of total cost rather than a fixed dollar amount. So, for example, a medicine might require a 30% coinsurance. On 1000$ medicine you would have to pay 300$. Because coinsurance is a percentage and can widely vary based on the cost of the service your product it can be difficult to predict a plan for it. All health insurance plans are different. So, make sure you’re aware of what you may have to pay to see your doctor or access the medicines you need.

III. Answer the questions:

1. Is health insurance free or paid-for in the USA?

2. What do you have to pay before getting the medicine, the examination or the procedure prescribed? 

3. Is it possible not to pay deductibles?

4. Does one always have to make copayments or coinsurance?

5. Is health insurance in your country free or paid?

6.Are medical services of lower quality in your country?

VI. Prepare a retelling of the video. You can make an audio file with your retelling.

V. Now make up a dialogue:

A husband and wife are discussing whether to buy an insurance policy. Their current ones have expired. The husband thinks that they will get by without it because they are quite healthy.The womman doesn't want to risk. 


-It is high time we bought a new plan.=  Пора бы нам купить новый план страховки.

- ripping= обдираловка

- to be cash strapped= испытывать нехватку денег

-What if one of us+V1? = А что если один из нас (что-то сделает, например, сломает руку)?

- That makes sense= Это разумно.

- You have talked me into= Уговорил(а)

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