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I. Revision of the previous episodes. Write in the letter of the correct answer in the test below, then check your answers and send your teacher a screenshot. 

1. What did Will role when the demogorgon was after him?

a. his eyes

b. dices

c. balls

Type in the letter of the right answer:

2. Will told Mike __________that the demogorgon had taken him

a. honestly

b. angrily

c. happily

d. confusedly

Type in the letter of the right answer: 

3. After Will Byer'd disappearance was confirmed, Sheriff Hopper ordered to 

a. muster school-chirdren

b. everyone to stay at home 

c. bring dogs to look for the missing boy

d. muster volunteers to start a search 

Type in the letter of the right answer: 

4. Meanwhile, a disheveled girl with a _______ head ________ the laboratory of the Department of Energy

a. buzz cut, escaped from

b. shaved, blew up

c. giant, was shot in  

Type in the letter of the right answer: 

5. Dustin was nicknamed Toothless because his teeth

a. had not come in yet

b. had all fallen out

c. were all black and carious

Type in the letter of the right answer: 

6. Mike, Dustin and Lucas were _____to look for Will 

a. encouraged

b. afraid

c. prohibited

d. None of the above

Type in the letter of the right answer: 

7. The owner of the diner "Benny's Burgers" was ____ because he______

a. praised, had helped Social Services find the girl

b. shot down, was an unwanted witness

c. killed, made the girl angry

Type in the letter of the right answer: 

8. The night before the test on Chemistry, Mike's elder sister Nancy _____ Steve Harrington, a young man from her _____

a. dated with, university

b. was asked out by, school

c. was visited by, school

Type in the letter of the right answer: 

9. Mike saw Steve getting into Nancy's room through ______like a ____

a. the chimney, Santa Claus


b. the wall, a ghost

c. the window, a ninja

Type in the letter of the rightanswer: 

Send a screenshot of your answers to your teacher




II. Watch  episode 2 part 2 and find in it English equivalents or synonyms for the following words:

1. [00:01]Прием!

2. [01:37] трофеи с олимпиады по физике и химии

3. [04:02] сильно болеть

4. [04:08] to be angry with smb =

5. [05:45] Да ни фига!= Как бы не так!= Ни фига подобного!= 

6. [06:42] самоубийство

7. [08:32] выжить из ума       Ты офигел!?

8. [08:49] преследовать кого-то

9. [08:40] I saw it=

10. [09:12] подвергать опасности=

11. [10:21] дыра, бомжатник, гадюшник=

12. [10:41] сорваться с цепи, отбиться от рук, одичать, расти без надзора = 

13. [11:19] с нетерпением ожидать 

14. [11:22] сбритый = 

15. [12:53] В этом нет ничего сложного 

What did El say about Will seeing him in a photo in Mike's room?

What did El feel when Mike told her to get into his closet? [02:48]

What flashback did the girl have when sitting in the closet? [03:10]

What did Joyce do when sh returned home with a new phone? Why?

Did Cyndia, Jonathan's father's second wife tell Jonathan the truth about Lonny?

Why were Lucas and Dustin taken aback when they saw El in Mike's room?

Why did Mike leave her in his room?What where the two main reasons? [09:12]

How did Lonnie explain why he hadn't called Joyce when he learnt that Will was missing? [10:05]

How did Lonnie comment on the way Joice brought up their sons?[10:41]

What did Benny's friend Earl tell Jopper about Benny and the "boy" he had seen in the diner? How did he discribe he child?

What did Hopper assume about Earl's jusgemnt of the "boy"? [to mistake smb for smb]

Wha did Nancy tell the mother about the reason she had to go out that night and whi id she talk to go with her to Steve's party?

In what situation did Dustin bang on the table and say"Sorry. Spasm"?

III. Read, translate and find 3 mistakes in the summary below. You find all of them, request a present from your teacher

Dustin HendersonLucas Sinclair, and Mike Wheeler bring the girl to Mike's house after finding her in the woods. They find that she has a strange understanding of social norms, not bothering to go somewhere private to change clothes when Mike gives her something to wear, the boys stopping her before she can undress. Mike shows her to a bathroom, where she insists on not closing the door fully. Lucas is mistrustful, theorizing she could be an escapee from a nearby asylum. He and Dustin want to tell Sheriff Hopper, but Mike reminds them they were not supposed to be out after dark and that they will all get in trouble. He plans to have her pose as a missing child that stumbled upon the house for his mother, who will call Social Services. After Lucas and Dustin leave, Mike sets up a blanket fort for her to sleep in, and she shows him her tattoo that reads "011" when he asks for her name. When he mentions his name is short for Michael, he decides to call her "El", short for "Eleven". They say good night to each other, and Eleven falls asleep, despite the storm.

The next morningJim Hopper arrives at the Byers house to inform Joyce Byers they have not yet found her son. She shows him her fried phone, which Hopper attributes to the storm, despite Joyce's insistence that Will was on the other end. Having not heard from her ex-husband, Hopper decides to go and talk to him himself. Jonathan offers to go in Hopper's place, but Hopper orders him to stay and support his mother.

Mike takes an extra Eggo waffle for Eleven for breakfast and tells her about his plan to get her back home safely. Eleven refuses, insisting that "bad" people are looking for her that are willing to kill him.

Martin Brenner listens to a recording of Joyce calling the police, insisting that Will was on the other end. The manhunt for Will continues, and Hopper tells Calvin Powell off when he cracks a joke about Joyce's eccentricity. Phil Callahan jokingly asks if she and Hopper have had relations before, and Powell smirks knowingly.

Steve Harrington invites Nancy Wheeler to a small party at his house that night, his popular and crude friends Tommy Hagan and Carol Perkins in attendance. They notice Jonathan putting up missing posters for Will, which all but Nancy is jocular about. She awkwardly offers him some money. Lucas and Dustin notice Mike is late for class. Mike has actually ditched school, waiting for his mother to leave before doubling back to watch over Eleven. Mike shows her his TV, pictures of his family, (Eleven refers to Nancy as "pretty") and his father's recliner.

While he drives to Lonnie's, Jonathan listens to The Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go", which makes him think about a time he and Will listened to the song in his room while Joyce argued with Lonnie over the phone. Joyce goes to her job at Melvald's General Store to buy a new phone, getting an advance from a sympathetic Donald Melvald. A repairman checks to see if the Byers are home before signaling to a van, from which Brenner and several scientists, all in suits, emerge. Using a scanner, Brenner finds a surge of power coming from the shed, and notices blood running down a plank of wood.

Mike shows Eleven around his room, and she notices a photo of his friends. Mystified, she points to Will, shocking Mike. Before he can get information out of her, Karen returns home. Terrified that Mike will tell Karen about her, Mike calms Eleven by explaining the concept of a promise as "something that you can't break" and promises not to tell her. He hides her inside his closet, closing the door fully. Inside, Eleven has a flashback to Brenner (who she calls "papa") ordering her thrown inside a small, dark cell. She begs for him to open the door before giving up. Mike tries to lie that he is sick, but Karen assumes he is distressed about Will, and tells him that he can always talk to her. Mike finds Eleven in tears when he opens the closet, but she promises that she is alright.

Searching Sattler Quarry, Hopper warns Callahan not to get too close to the edge of the cliff, as the fall would mean certain death. He gets a call from secretary Florence, informing him of a situation at Benny's Burgers. The police arrive to find Benny Hammond dead, his body staged as a suicide. Powell remarks that the influx of situations must remind Hopper of his time as a city cop, but he responds that he did not know most of the people he investigated, and Hammond was his friend. After school, Lucas and Dustin go to Mike's, the former incredulous that Eleven is still there. Mike tells them about her identifying Will, and asks if it is a coincidence that they found her where Will disappeared. When he repeats her worries about the "bad men," Lucas tries to leave the room to tell Karen, but when he tries to open the door, it slams shut on its own. The boys turn around to see Eleven with her nose bleeding.

Jonathan does not find Will at Lonnie's, who insists that Jonathan come live with him, which he is vehemently opposed to. He leaves Lonnie with one of Will's posters, "in case you forgot what he looks like." Hopper interviews a friend and patron of Hammond's named Earl, who insists that Hammond was acting normal as of late. He mentions Eleven, who he mistook for a boy. Hopper shows Earl a picture of Will and asks if the "boy" could have been him with a buzz cut, and Earl murmurs that it may have been. Over dinner, Nancy convinces Karen to let her go to Steve's party, pretending she is going to an assembly for Will. Dustin sees Eleven descending the stairs, and awkwardly distracts everyone by "spazing" and banging the table. Searching the area around Benny's Burgers, Scott Clarke finds a drainage pipe with a torn piece of cloth from a hospital gown nearby. The search party follows the pipe to see it leads to Hawkins Lab.