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Stranger things Season1 Episode2 part 1

Watch  the episode that you will get from me in Skype or WhatApp and do the following tasks. 

I. Find in the episode English equivalents for the following, translate sentences with them [send in for a check] and identify who pronounced these sentences and at what moment:

Example: 1. сильно пугать, шокировать =to out Перестань! Ты ее пугаешь! Это она меня пугает! - Stop! You are freaking her out! -She is freaking me out! <-- iIt is a dialogue between Mike and Lucas when the boys were asking the girl diffrent questions and Lucas wanted to touch her.

2. Сдается мне,... = ...точно ... = I Она точно глухая.

3. Вон там! ! Видишь вон там? Это ванная.

4. уединенный уголок / частное пространство = Место для уединения. Понимаешь?

5. сумасшедший / ненормальный =Она ненормальная

6. сбежать из психушки =tofrom a Бьюсь об заклад, она сбежала из психушки.

7. Да иди ты на фиг! =me. -У тебя там много родственников в психушке-то? - Да пошел ты!

8. беглец = an Она беглянка и точка!

9. псих / психопат= a

10. поддерживать [чью-либо идею]=to-Я думаю, мы должны сказать твоей маме. -Поддерживаю.

11. вне подозрений Она звонит в дверной звонок, моя мама отсылает ее обратно в психушку, а мы полностью вне подозрений.

12. очень странный и необъяснимый = И по-твоему это не странно?

13. дыхание Фло говорит, ты слышала какое-то дыхание.

14. выдумывать =to Ты думаешь, я это выдумываю?

15. проверить кого-то =to smb Пойду проверю Лонни.

16. супер рация =a Ты нашла мою супер рацию? Очень прикольная да?

17. ничего особенного = not a Реально, в этом нет ничего особенного. Мы просто прикинемся, что встретились опять.

18. проблемы = С кем у тебя проблемы?

Send a screenshot of your answer results, your translation and comments on who and when said the words to your teacher

II. Watch the episode again, translate all the subtitles and answer these questions [in writing or in a video message]. Use the words from excercise I.:

  1.  What condition was the girl in when the boys took her to Mike's house?
  2.  What took the boys aback about the girl?
  3.  What did they ask her?
  4.  Why do you think she wouldn't answer?
  5.  What shocked the boys when Mike gave her some dry clothes?
  6.  Was she ready to stay alone in the bathroom? Why?
  7.  What theories did the boys come up with to explain how the strange girl they'd found in the forest got there?
  8.  Why couldn't they tell Mike's mum about the girl?
  9.  What did Mike suggest they do about her?
  10.  How did she feel under the table?
  11.  What happened the next morning? why did Mike and Nancy kick each other's chairs?
  12.  Why did El refuse to sneak around the house, ring the door bell and appear before Mike's mum?
  13.  What happened to Joyce's phone? Did anyone believe her that it had been Will on the phone? 
  14.  What was' Hopper's explanation of the fact that the phone had got burnt?
  15.  Where did Hopper go? Who wanted to join him? 

III. Tell your story in the name of the characters:

  1. Imagine that you are Dustin [=Toothless].

    Tell about the girl you found today in the evening in the forest? What impression did she produce on you?What do you think is the matter/problem with her? Why can't you turn her in to the police or to your parents now?'

    Use: - I was taken aback by... =Я был ошарашен ... - mental - I bet...


  2. Imagine you are El.

    Tell about the boys who saved you in the forest in the rain. How did they treat [обходились с] you? What did you feel? Which of them was kind to you? How did he treat you?

    Use: Unlike the other 2 =В отличие от других двоих,...