Старая форма входа

I. Watch the episode and find in it English equivalents for the following Russian words:

1.meat, onions, etc. that are cut into very small pieces, mixed together and shaped like a loaf of bread and then baked=

2.огорчать, расстраивать=to

3. давать попользоваться [три формы глагола через дефис]=toСвоему другу ты даешь пользоваться своими крутыми вещами, такими как комиксы или коллекционными карточками [trading cards]

4. клятва через плевок=a Клятва через плевок означает, что ты никогда не нарушаешь свое слово. Это узы [a bond]. А это супер важно./p>

5. съехать на обочину = to over. Нэнси попросила Барбару съехать на обочину, не доезжая до дома Стива.

6. Отвратительно!= !

7. опекун=a Ты можешь быть типа моего опекуна.

8. прОклятый=Ты когда-нибудь чувствовала себя проклятой?

9. чокнутая, ненормальная =a Что эта ненормальная делает?

10. прятаться[три формы глагола через дефис]=to Он прячется

11. Жесть! / Кошмар! =!

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Write or pronounce answers to these questions

1. How did the boys explain the meaning of the word "friend" to El? [0:51]

Why was Barbara reluctant to go to Steve's party?

Why did Sherrif Hopper feel cursed? When was the last time someone went missing in the town?[03:30]

What did El tell the boys about Will? Why did she flip the board of their board-game?

What happened to Barb when she tried to open a can of a drink with a knife? Why did Tommy exclaim "Gnarly!"?

What was Jonathan doing in the woods while Nancy, Steve and their friends were having a good time?

What happened in Joyce's house? Was she able to hear Will or did it just seem to her? What's you guess?

What happened to the lights, the telephone, the hi-fi system? prompt: to flash, to get burned down, to get switched on

WHy did Joyce run out of the house?

WHy did Steve, Nancy, Tommy and Carol need to change their clothes?

What did Nancy suggest Barbara doing?

What did Nancy feel for Steve?

What happened when Barbara was sitting at the pool?

Who was a wet blanket at the party? Why?