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I. Watch the video and fill out the gaps in the script below with the following words:

    Find [ai] =находить    bring =принести (с собой) hiding =прячущийся  travel=путешествовать   suggest=предлагать   feed=кормить   hold=держать  tame=приручать  spawn [o:] =размножаться  divided into=поделенный на   bark = лаять  kiss =целоваться  keep = держать(=сохранять)  follow smb=следовать за   breed =выводить/ разводить

Hello everybody!

My name is Melissa, and in this video I'm going to show you how to 1) dogs or, rather, wolves in Minecraft. This video will be ­­­­2) into three parts: first, how to find dogs, second, what to 3)in your adventure (приключение), and three, how to tame them / breed them.

 First off, dogs 4)in forests and taiga biomes [ai] in the variations such as mega taiga, cold taiga and cold taiga mega biomes. When looking through the biomes that I just listed, you want to / should go to “options”, “music and sounds” and turn your friendly creatures' sounds all the way up (на полную мощность). Because dogs are friendly creatures and they do 5) a lot.

 So, maybe you can't see it because he's 6) behind a tree, but you can hear him and that's going to help you out a lot. And really, all you need to do to find a dog is just 7) your eyes and ears open. Sometimes you can find them right away (сразу же) and sometimes you could 8) thousands of blocks just to find some. And I know it can get frustrating (разочарующе) at times, but you just have to keep at it. And now that you know how to find dogs, you need to know what to bring along on your adventure. I 9) bringing a compass or writing down your coordinates of your base before you go on a wild adventure to find dogs. Because you need to know how to find your way back home. Also bring plenty of food, maybe a bed along, so (с тем чтобы) you can sleep away that night, in case finding dogs takes days. And of course, any tools (инструкции) or weapons (оружие) you may need.

And finally how to 10) / breed them. So first off, all that you do is 11) a bone (кость) in your hand and right-click on the dog and they will be tamed. Once they appear (появляться) to have a collar (ошейник) and sit down, they are yours and will 12)you on your adventure. If you would like them for them to have a baby, all you do is 13) them either rotten flesh or some sort of meat. Right click on both and you'll see hearts (сердечки) and they will 13) until they have a baby. Yeah. And that, my friends, is all you need to know about dogs in Minecraft. If you found this video helpful, please give it a big thumbs up   and don't forget to check out my channel because I post gaming videos every day from Minecraft, CS GO, the Stanley parable and more. So don't forget to subscribe for awesome videos and I'll see you all in the next one. Good-bye!

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II. Translate the script, play the vieo again and read the script repeating after Melissa, then shaddow the clip [= выключите звук и озвучьте клип от имени Мелиссы].

III. Write answers to these questions:

  1. What does the vlogger tell us in this video?
  2. Where should I look for dogs?
  3. What can help me not to get lost (заблудиться?)
  4. What should/must I bring in on my travel?
  5. What can I give them to (чтобы) tame them?
  6. What should I feed them if I want them to have a baby?
  7. What other games does Melissa make videos about?

IV. Label the pictures with words from the text







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Label the tamed dog as ”TAMED” and a wild dog as “WILD”


Send a screenshot of your answer results to your teacher

Write how you would use dogs in your world in Minecraft.