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Старая форма входа

I. Before watching the video study the following words:

Economies of scale occur when a business benefits from the size of its operation. As a company gets bigger, it benefits from a number of efficiencies. For example, it's far cheaper and efficient to serve 1,000 customers at a restaurant than one. As a company grows, its unit costs decrease

A unit of production=a single manufactured item, a product or its component

Fixed costs =фиксированные расходы, на пример, аренда помещения

Variable costs =переменные расходы на единицу продукции

A saturated market = насыщенный рынок = a market where more of a product or service is offered than consumers need

II. Watch the video with subtitles on and find in it synonyms for the words below

To manufacture more cheaply per unit=

Production expenses=

To work for smb’s benefit=to play into smb’s hands=

To presume=

Cost of electricity, hot and cold water supply and other communal services=

a single manufactured item=

a booking=a reservation=


to earn a substantial profit=

to increase=

a seller of spare parts or raw materials to your business=

delivery expenses=

clients= buyers=



IV. Practice retelling the video with the words of the author and with synonyms provided in task II.

Slow down the speed of the video and try speaking in chorus with the presenter.