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Block 9 Cities

Day I

1. Watch the video about Singapore and write out its main high tech landmarks. Prepare a talk on Singapore. What amazes you most about this city?

2. Student's Book (SB)  - page 60 Unit 9.1 - #1 Prepare an oral comparison of the photos using the following words: - old traditional houses, - modern high-risers of glass and concrete=современные высотки из стекла и бетона - multi-storey=многоэтажный -  a pier [pɪə]=пристань - anchored -  a water-buss= a river boat = прогулочный теплоход - probably - obviously- perhaps - looks like - numerous - a busy road - to look more traditional - to take us back into the past - to remind of the previous centuries - an embodiment/exemplification of the high tech digital  / post-industiral era =воплощение эры высоких технологий/ постиндустриальной эры - a tranquil environment - an atmosphere of a hectic business life - to be associated with 

3. SB page 60 #2 , 3, prepare your own answer to the question in #2, tell it in class

Day II

1. SB - page 60 - 61 # 4-7 , make an audio file retelling the passage in #5, make use of English equivalents of the following Russian expressions: -густо населенный - решать проблемы - выносить / терпеть - уровень грунтовых вод - приводить к оседанию грунта - недостаток зелени - символизирующий смешение восточного и западного стилей - отражать традиционный китайский дизайн стиля "пагода" - перекликаться со стилем арт'деко - непродуманный - едва пригодным для жизни - казаться увеличенным - уничтожать/стирать истинный  характер - нищенский/невзрачный/пошлый/убогий - вылиться в отвратительный и нелепый тренд - уменьшить плотность застройки - пригород - нестись веред на небывалой/недосягаемой скорости - нестись в будущее


1. Describe the graph below

2. Describe the diagram

Day IV

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyhCyB4oXXQ   -watch the video and retell it pointing out how urban and countryside landscapes are changing now in the USA. Why are more and more Americans moving from their suburban homes into cities? What don't people like about suburbia? How are developers modernizing suburbs now? How are urban areas (i.e. cities) changing to remind suburbs? What facilities are being developed throughout America to connect suburbs with cities and to make cities more like suburbs? Use: to commute=добираться до работы/учебы ,  to tailgate принимать участие в пикнике, во время которого закуски и напитки раскладываются на багажнике автомобиля, to trick-or-treat =стучаться в двери и требовать угощения на праздник Хэллоуин (о детях), a hashtag =on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash (#) sign and used to identify messages on a specific topic, on social media sites such as Twitter) , cul-de-sac ['kʌldəsæk]=тупик; глухой переулок, a sidewalk=тротуар, an aberration =отклонение от нормы, a sprawl= разрастание (города), to trade 35-mile commutes for..= поменять преодоление 35мильного расстояния на работу/учебу на (что-то другое), to brag= хвастать, a diner= кафе, hipsturbia, to brim with= наполняться до краев, a condo=кондоминиум, дом-совладение; жилой дом, квартиры в котором находятся в собственности жильцов, a binary housing landscape=ландшафт, предполагающий только 2 формата жилья

2. Read the article at https://www.curbed.com/2016/12/6/13858590/suburban-real-estate-development-trend and find at least 3 common ideas expressed, and 3 ideas pointed out in each particular source.


Day V

1. Essay to write. Does life in a city really shorten our life? Prompts: to breathe fresh air, air pollution, noisy, a hectic life style, to be always in a hurry, to have many things to do in one day, to be chronically sleep deprived, to have to face numerous challenges, a more tranquil environment, to process ever increasing amounts of information, remote from a bustling mega polis, far from civilization, to wait for an ambulance, to have easy access to high-tech medical services, life span, self-discipline, to protect oneself from excessive workloads and unnecessary activities.

Day VI

1. In the Work Book(WB) do all the exercises on pages 20-21, record the retelling of the text in #1. What is the thread line of the text?

2. Prepare a 2-minute talk about your native place on the plan below

What is your native place like?

- What public facilities are there?

- What industries are there?

-What kind of architecture prevails in that place?

-Where do you prefer to spend your time in that place?

In your opinion, is the countryside losing popularity as a place of permanent residence? Why/Why not?


Do next text in IELTS practice tests plus 2 . The audio files are here. The audio pack is big, so press the download button to save it onto your computer. Record your oral expressions in the speaking part and send for a check together with the rest of the test.