Старая форма входа

Prepare descriptions of the pictures below using hints offered. 

Start by saying "I have chosen picture #..."

- When and where did you take the photo?

- What/who is in the photo?

-What is happening?

- Why do you keep it in your album?

- Why did you decide to show it to your friend?



-We happened to stop over at a small town when travelling around South Africa

- on coming up closer we were amazed to see that...

- It was the first time I had seen such a(n)...

-...insisted that we should spend a day there

- shoe-like= похожий на ботинок/туфлю

- .....how creative people can be...

- ....worth visiting ...




- We happened to be walking along a street in a German town..

- couldn't help but take a photo

- were stunned by ...

- It turned out to be...

- a shoe-like vehicle=похожее на туфлю транспортное средство

- ... how far creativity can go



Compare the pictures above.

-What is shown in each picture?

-What do they have in common?

-How is different about them?

- Which object would you like to deal with?



- a dwelling

-a means of transport

- examples of unusual designs

- large objects in the form of footwear

- manifestation of creativity of designers and engineers

- eye-striking

Compare the pictures below:


- grandiose, showing wealth and power

-expensive to keep

- modern vs traditional/conventional

- serves as a place to live in and to work in

- to be designated a museum for tourists

-amidst pristine nature vs in a city location

- in tranquil surroundings vs in a bustling megapolis

- full of public places vs for one family or a private inn